Gaming nostalgia, plans for story related digital art & The X Files

Gaming nostalgia, plans for story related digital art & The X Files

Nothing deep in today’s post, just odds and sods of my daily existence.

Gaming nostalgia

Tonight I added some more information to my personal gamer history section of this website. It made me somewhat nostalgic.

The years 2001 and 2002 were very dynamic for me. My friend notTricky had created his own game network and I was part of it. My clan WAR was flourishing. Then Valve created Halflife TV – an instrument for broadcasting multiplayer games as if they were television sport. Another friend and clan member, Evov, made Ozlife the first game network in Australia to use this to broadcast a round-robin game competition. I suspect that Evov popularised this world-wide to some extent. He was certainly one of the major experts outside of Valve.

Anyway, that’s up there on one of my gaming pages. Also I have managed to find some interviews from my old column “SoulSearching”. So in the menus above you can find that page and read 14 year old interviews with some of the people who were there in the early days of Australian online gaming.

I think the thing that gave me my biggest laugh in all this nostalgia was seeing my alias (SoulThief) together with my self appointed title back then “The Cardinal of WAR”.

Gaming for me back then was an immersive interactive story. Clans were part of all that. And the names we called ourselves were also part.

Plans for story related digital art

This is a bit ambitious, but I want to make a scene of the city of Shade focusing upon the city-within-a-city of Shushtar (the Krak and the Splendour Cliffs). The Krak is a huge rock-like tower connected to golden cliffs by numerous stone bridges. The Gnosians and their Magi live within the Krak.

I’m a bit intimidated by the scale of such a 3D image, but I will slowly work on it as my book demands it.

The X-Files

A couple of decades ago The X Files was an essential piece of television viewing for my wife and I (along with Star Trek the Next Generation). A few days back Nicole said (out of the blue) let’s start watching the X-Files again. Our daughter Rhiannon was not overly interested but sat down with us. Now – 4 episodes later – Rhiannon is hooked.

I was certainly pleased with how these episodes had not really aged too poorly. Yes, we had to explain to Rhiannon what microfilm was (“why didn’t they just Google that?”) and so on. But all in all it was still quite watchable.

I must admit that I still enjoy the episode “Squeeze”. Produced and airing in 1993, it features a mutant-man (Eugene Tooms) who can so contort and elongate his body that he can squeeze through almost any opening. This permits him entry into people’s homes past almost any security. Given his serial-killer nature, this is not a good thing. It’s also unsettling to our notions of being safe in our own houses. So very effective as stories go in my opinion. :)

Anyway, that’s all folks :) Thanks for reading.




  1. I’ve never been a gamer although I did enjoy the occasional X File episode. Just as well everyone has differing tastes or life would be so damn boring.


    1. LOL. Indeed ☺ If its any consolation i don’t meet many people who completely share interests me. ☺


  2. The Krak looks like a perfect candidate for a sprawlin Bryce scene!


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