More thoughts on cliffs being designed in Blender

More thoughts on cliffs being designed in Blender

Hi all,

This post is a very brief one about my Blender-designed cliffs for my book scene.

So I did a bit of research into mountain monasteries to get an idea for my cliff city. Lots of pictures available on Google images. Then I went and made the cliffs look a bit bulkier and substantial in Blender (more ledges etc.). I felt that this would add reality.

Also, to get an idea of my creative process, here is a page from a MS Word document where I start playing with ideas.


This is my way of brainstorming images and where I want go with them. I will then change and add accordingly. I find it a good methodology.

I am also doing a bit of research to find decent documentation of medieval jerkins for a friend. The good old internet is good at teasing us superficially but often will not provide anything solid on less central topics of interest.

Thanks for reading.




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