Review: The Imitation Game; site issues; Splendour Cliffs revised

Review: The Imitation Game; site issues; Splendour Cliffs revised

G’day all (I say in my non-existent Australian drawl). Today’s post will see me offer up my opinions about the film “The Imitation Game”. I will then discuss some site issues and request your input. Then I will share will you my need to revise my approach to my digital image “The Splendour Cliffs”.

The Imitation Game

As some of you know, I am a computer professional. These days I operate in the realm of IT security and information management. In the past my career has included software engineering, database administration, general IT support, and so on. At university, while studying computing, I learnt about Alan Turing. Turing was a brilliant mathematician and went on to become one of the fathers of modern computing. Among other things he devised a test called the Turing test that is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.

Hence the title of the film – the Imitation Game. This said, the film was mostly about his work decrypting German intelligence codes for the British government during World War II.

My wife chose this film for us. I initially looked at its synopsis and thought that the story of a small group of men in a secret facility trying to break a code would make for a boring screen play. I was wrong once again. It was a very human movie. While the code-breaking plot was fascinating and all, the real emotional energy of the film revolved around Turing’s lack of social graces combined with his homosexuality. In 40s and 50s England neither was particularly acceptable by society.

Interestingly society’s bigotry is emphasised through Turing’s “partner” in the movie: Joan Clarke. Clarke is an intelligent, educated woman thrust out of recognised significance by society due to her gender. In Turing she finds a friend and colleague.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Turing perfectly. His performance as a human distanced from others was excellent. And Keira Knightley played a wonderfully capable and strong Joan Clarke.

The film has little violence, no swearing, and no sex.

I would give it a 9 out of 10 for story, acting and screenplay.

Issues at Greole

As someone who has studied business (my fourth degree), I realise that I have to monitor the sales of my produce and adjust accordingly. If I assume this site to be my product, then it is not selling well, and I need to do something about it. I just don’t know what. Here is my first year’s stats:


All was going very well to begin with but recently my numbers have dropped. I really need to understand what I am doing wrong now. I have also been informed by some people that they cannot find the like or follow buttons on my site at certain times. I have no explanation for this. So any input on these issues would be appreciated.

Splendour Cliffs revisited

I have come to the conclusion that my approach to creating this image in Blender is not working. I am trying to create and edit everything in one Blender file. This is slow and painful and I often have selection issues. So I have decided to split everything up into separate Blender files for modelling etc and then will have a Blender file for bringing everything together. I have also decided to test making the scene in the Unreal Engine.

Thanks for reading





  1. Hi Greg, one or two words about your drop in page views. Did you check the stats for posts with high click rates in the past? Maybe somebody else has written on topics you have written about, which rank better. Further more you could try decrising loading times by optimizing your images. You could use for example. Two more things that would probably help is removing the “progress wheel”, that appears when entering your website. I know that it can be easily removed from the original php files. You might want to check the javascript usage as well. One thing, that I suggest as a reader and not as a search engine is removing the huuuge banner below the navigation menu. Even with 2000 clicks per month the expected yield can’t be that high ;D Hope this helps. Cheers Markus

    1. Thanks Markus. :) I will start optimising etc :) Thanks for helping :)

  2. hi greg, markus mentioned already some of what i wanted suggest too… the loading time for your new site design is painfully long. on my ipad, i cannot load the page at all. hence i missed visiting some days… but also on my main computer it loads slow, that i sometimes want give up waiting.. and, yes, the big entry image forces me to scroll down alot, before i can see what i want read: your newest blog post, which is hidden at the bottom of the page.

    as your stat shows, your visitors spend quite some time reading on your blog. the number of visitors seems to have not significally dropped but the amount they read… that might be, as with me, that i spent a few days reading all of your older content i found interesting, and after that, i now come and read only the new posts. so, in my case, i count now only once each time i visit, while when i first visited i counted many times, since i was reading a lot…

    another note, in summer time, i mean from june to august, my stats drop always too, maybe that is because then so many are on vacations, and rather spend the day swimming than reading blogs… i have a similar looking stat each year. don’t worry, just keep posting. i found that regular posting is the best to get the traffic you wish. …

    you could also consider to make a list “top posts”, or “recent comment”, or similar. i always like that when i read blogs, as it gives me an idea what others like, and usually there is something i like too, when i click those…

    1. Wow. A lot of thought by both yourself and Markus! I must admit that I feel honoured that you guys take the time to make these suggestions. Well, I have re-photoshopped the header pictures (being reluctant to abandon my new design too quickly and the result today was insane – 95 views by 17 visitors!!! I’m astonished. I guess because my home has fast and reliable internet speeds I just assumed everyone did. Very stupid of me. Thanks for pointing that out :) Next to take into account shifting stuff around like you suggest. So expect that. Thank you so much for the time and thoughtful effort :) Greg

      1. yes, it loads much better now and is more inviting for reading now :-) and good to hear about visitors. keep posting, keep haveing fun with your blog!

        1. Thanks :) I will. Albeit my work is intruding too heavily at present as is also the effort I am going into arranging a family trip half way around the world to UK and Europe in 4 weeks time. :)

          1. wow, this sounds great visit. 4 weeks will be very short, i am sure… in germany alone you could visit places much longer and still have not seen all important. i look forward to read your travel experience when you are back!

  3. Hey man,had a look at some of your splendour posts … Interesting project you got going on. Will keep an eye open for future updates. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks :) I’m making a few mistakes and learning on the way with all this. Nevertheless a fun journey and I am delighted to have you along :) Thanks :)

  4. Great post. I just wish I could get a grip on how to use Blender. Will have to watch the film too. Thanks for posting.

    1. My pleasure :) and thanks for commenting. Blender is a fascinating program, is it not? Just so… frustrating :) And I hope you like the film as much as I did :)

  5. The Imitation Game made the same impression on me. I don’t see many film, so this one made a huge impression on me. What about tagging your posts with more tags?

    1. Thanks Maria :) Yep, I probably should try more tags, though I am not sure whether they work on the WordPress reader for me :(

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