Site changes

Site changes

Pardon the visual pun. LOL

Anyway, as you may have noticed is looking a bit different after a weekend of stuffing around with themes and the such. I have now installed the free Sydney theme which looks quite spectacular in my opinion. Please let me know if you like it.

To some extent I have also moved the focus of the site onto my fantasy world of Shade (albeit I have no content for that yet).  Indeed I still have a fair bit to do – mostly being that I want to create some images of Shade and its people. Possibly start using my new Blender skills to craft some streetscapes. I’ll see whether these render better in Blender of DAZ Studio – or even the Unreal Engine! But all this will take time. Whatever I do do though, I will try and turn into tutorials :)

To end up this very brief post, here’s a recent picture of my hometown’s harbour. Seems appropriate given the theme change. :)



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