Memories of dolphins

Memories of dolphins

Not long now. On Monday we travel to a hotel near Sydney’s International Terminal and at 6am Tuesday we jump onto a plane heading for Europe. Exciting!

Hence just a brief, nostalgic post today :)

Getting ready for the trip I found myself backing up old photos. One lot brought back fond memories. When Rhiannon was a lot younger the three of us travelled from Sydney several hours down the south coast to a place called Huskisson.

It’s a location known for blue waters and white sand and its a place that I can really recommend for holiday goers. The restaurants are few but friendly. The hotels have that slight feel of yesteryear, but I loved yesteryear. And… well… it’s just a nice place to wander around.

Take a look at young (very) Rhiannon standing on the local beach. Glorious eh?


And notice how few other people there are!

The best part of the holiday was the Dolphin boat tour. Here are some photos from that.




I remember that we boarded a beautiful, well-fitted-out boat at the local wharf. Luxury. :)



The boat had to cruise around Jervis Bay for about 15 minutes before we saw a pod of dolphins but it was well worth it when we found them. I had a little Lumix camera at the time and these photos are from that.

Oh well, I’ve had my little moment of nostalgia. Time to take the family on another adventure. :)

So this may be my last post in Australia for a while. I will post stories and pictures from the UK and Europe if I can. If not then please be patient. I will also try to continue reading your blogs if the gods of Wi-Fi let me :)

So look after yourselves till then :)


aka SoulThief


PS: Rhiannon has just told me that she tried to access this blog from school and the NSW Department of Education has banned or blocked it! Wow – I’m making an impact… somehow!





  1. Why did they block/ban your blog? It’s so interesting! *puzzled* *scratched head*


    1. I actually don’t know. Rhiannon just told me an hour ago. I suspect, however, it’s because I am very frank about topics relating to sex – not in a titillating manner, but more in an analytical or “this just happened” manner. Some of my art also features nudes. Nevertheless, I don’t think ay of that is worse than what is frequently shown on daytime television – so who knows?


        1. True :) My daughter Rhiannon (who is 11) is actually very proud of me and my art and writing. So it’s a bit of a shame, but such is life :) As you say, they must be reading it to ban it (I hope)


    1. Many thanks :)


  2. Awesome photos, Greg. Can’t believe it’s one of those li’l ole Lumixes. I had one, too…
    Good luck on your trip to you and your family!


    1. That Lumix was a good little camera :) Thanks for the wishes and hopefully I will still be able to post :)


  3. Love the photos from the dolphin watching tour! I’ve always wanted to go on either a dolphin or whale outing.


  4. i am late. by now i think you are in europe, greg. enjoy your stay! i saw in one of your blogposts that you also intend to visit germany, though not where i live. but i know the places you will see, and they are gorgeous. have fun and a happy time!


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