Really bad teenage angst poetry

Really bad teenage angst poetry

OK – had not intended to post anything. Just packing for the trip and while looking for my old UK electric power point converters I actually found a screwed up piece of paper in a box under my bed that turned out to be one of my teenage poems (I was 18). Wow – 1982!

It is soooooo lame. But I guess I can use the sentiments in writing teenage characters – perhaps Pari. So let me share it with you and you can decide if it is as totally cringe-worthy as I feel it to be. :)



Shall we drink to love?

The destroyer of pride,

whose vampire fangs bite hard

and fast into the soul

to drain it of vitality

leaving but a deathly husk.

I suppose you are shocked,

never considering this notion.

Tis true, deny love you may,

you can never really hide

from its beguiling charm.

Thus it will take its toll.

Do you dream of cold nights?

Your partner’s smell of musk?

I pity you and pity me,

victims of this damnable emotion.



OK – back to packing :)




    1. I wish I could go back to teenage Greg and ask him where he got such lines from! LOL


    1. Thanks ☺


    2. So much to see and do :) It should be quite exciting :)


  1. I wrote very similar things when I was a teen, too. Thought that it was mighty original, the “dark side of love”. And then I found out that there were others =) – actually for Lizzy (who coincidentally shares his “real” first name with you =)) it’s something of a recurring topic.


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