Site (Jetpack) issues and some novels identified

Site (Jetpack) issues and some novels identified

Hi all,

Having problems with Jetpack operating with WordPress. It means that I frequently can’t post comments on my own site from my phone. Given that I do most of my WordPress reading and comments on the train to and from work using the phone , this is a problem. (That also explains why so many of my comments are pretty brief and not well thought out). I’ve tried fixing it but to no avail, so you are all stuck with me replying to your comment son this site when I get home of an evening.

This said, onto the business of writing. As you know I have said that I am breaking down my big novel into smaller ones. These will all overlap in places, be different genres, and be aimed at different markets. The ones that I have identified so far are:

Tempting in Shade

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Coming of Age

Pari Azar is almost sixteen and feels that the world is crashing down around her. The man she idolised has married someone else and his bride humiliated her in front of everyone that she cares about. Her father has returned terribly sick from an expedition and the doctors fear for his life. And her mother is engaged in a vicious political struggle that threatens to flow over into Pari’s life. And if that is not enough she is being haunted by voices and dreams that seem to want something terrible from her.

Pari has less than a week till she must leave Shushtar for her rite of adulthood, her Tempting. There she will meet the common folk of Shade and perhaps find knowledge and strength and maybe even a cure for her father. Little does she know that a Slumbering God stirs and with that comes upheaval and death.

Flower Boy

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Sword & Sorcery

Many in the civilised dominions consider Burn to be an evil man, a slayer of innocents. Here in Shade he hopes to escape these lies – and the pursuers. Maybe even live an ordinary life, renting out his services to any who will pay.

The truth is that Burn is the product of the Doll Makers, masters of magic whose particular skills involve the creation and manipulation of life. Worse still, he is the splitting image of Flower Boys – slaves especially designed to be mindless, obedient and completely loyal. Imagine what the Doll Makers could do with a trained killer who was indistinguishable from Flower Boys. Unfortunately they made Burn with a mind and conscience of his own and the results were… unexpected. Especially after the madness set in.

In Shade Burn will discover things about himself that he never expected. Things that will change his life forever, if he manages to survive the waking struggles of the Slumbering God.

Lock Down

Genre: Horror/Mystery

Verdant is a slowly dying man, and because of that he is a bitter man. He is also the only person who controls the Eastern Lock of Shade, the dominion’s only entrance from other worlds. Just as he was preparing his own death some unknown magical force has struck the Lock, causing it to shutdown. He will delay his suicide to try to solve the mystery and resurrect the Lock, but in doing so he will find doom that threatens his entire dominion and the lives of all he holds dear.

Whittaker’s Folly

Genre: Mystery

A decade ago Whittaker came to Shade amidst the remains of a shattered mercenary army. Since then he has become Chief Constable of one of the wealthier suburbs (more like chief thug, but who cares?). He has a doting if somewhat boring wife and a comfortable life, yet he is not a happy man. He longs for more, and finds it in the form of a witch-girl from Shushtar who is desperately seeking her lost sister. His plan is to find this sister and along the way seduce the witch. But plans don’t always turn out as expected.


Genre: Horror/splatter

Kerphulu is of the blood of mages but has no magic. This does cause him some dismay. But where there is a psychopath there is a way, especially if the psychopath also happens to be a genius with an interest in human anatomy. With many a successful “experiment” under his belt, Kerphulu now intends to achieve his ultimate prize – ripping the magic from the body of a young witch undertaking her rite of adulthood. Unfortunately he does not realise that others are taking an interest in his activities, others with just as twisted agendas as his own. And as for the witch, she is a bit of a surprise herself. The results could be interesting.

There are more stories being written, but these are the key ones so far.

Thanks for read :)


PS: the featured image is a photo that I took in the vicinity of Fitzroy Falls.



  1. Sorry to hear about all the software issues. It seems that WP overall tends to have mobile trouble.
    And those ‘blurbs’ sound awesome =) I hope there’s enough detail on that political struggle, and I’m fascinated by ‘artificial life forms’, for lack of a better phrase =)


    1. Yep – the WP issue on my phone is very frustrating :( Thanks about your enthusiasm for my blurbs. The internal political struggles of Shushtar are already partially written as part of the big tome that I am now dismantling. The only issue I have is that if I leave them as they are currently written then halfway through the story (many hours after Pari leaves Shushtar) will change from political/religious struggle to Aliens-style horror. Because the original tome had other events happening, it made sense. But as a stand-alone it doesn’t. So I need to figure that out. BTW – as you may have guessed, most of my novels are intended to represent periods of time ranging from a few weeks to a few days.

      As for the artificial life forms, there are wheels within wheels where they are concerned :) Hopefully I will manage them well. =)


      1. I believe you will find a way to make the ‘transition’ work =)


  2. Seems there are a few different issues with WordPress at the moment. As they say in the classics, ‘thou shall overcome.’ I’ m looking forward to being one of your readership when the novels are published. Your teasers have hooked me.


    1. That is brilliant =) Thank you. A lot of pressure to now make sure I finish and that they are worthwhile =) I must admit that I am taking my time because I want to get them perfect. I am probably setting myself too much of a challenge because I want each to be stylistically different and also appeal to different readerships. Why? Because the world is made up of lots of different people with lots of different tastes and I want as many of them as possible to find something that entertains or provokes meaning to them. =) Obviously I am an egomaniac, eh? =)

      Thanks so much. It means a lot to me that you and my other friends “out there” read my blog and comment.



  3. LockDown seems the most intriguing to me. But I love the phrase “…..where there is a psychopath there is a way,…”


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