Teasers and travel preparations

Teasers and travel preparations

Short one tonight.

But before I get to the purpose of the post, let me just say that the “boob flashing” incident of Tuesday is still haunting my life. Today my wife told everyone in her woman’s group about it. The thing you need to realise is that most people in that group have known me since at least my early 20s (I am about to turn 51 – so yes a long time) when I was the older bloke in the group. Apparently the group took great delight in my discomfort and much laughter was had at my expense.

Apparently there followed other tales of my embarrassments over the years – including the time I accidentally walked in on one of these ladies when she was in aught but her underwear. At that time I almost fell over myself to get out of the room, red faced, and apologising in quick gasps. I seem to recall Nicole laughing then too.

No wonder I am always grumpy – the women around me enjoy my ordeals far too much! Sometimes I fear I will never establish my reputation as a suave and sexy man.

All this said, I have just placed the teaser for novel two – Lock Down – on my storytelling menu. Some of my regular readers would have seen it before. I still feel it needs a bit of tidying but can do that just as easily while it is sitting up there. So yes, I’ve been doing more work breaking apart the big novel to make smaller ones. That’s two I’ve made teasers for. Looks like I will end up writing quite a few novels simultaneously.

This said, I’m a bit distracted due to finalising my family’s big trip to Europe. That starts on 1 September. I’m not sure that I will be able to post entries on this blog during that time as my Android app is not working properly. Might have to nick my wife’s iPad from time to time to post stuff :) That is, if we find WiFi hotspots.

I really hope I can work out a way of continuing to write the blog for that time – albeit as a purely travel and photography blog for six weeks.



Today’s featured image is a photograph of a bear that I took at the Canberra Zoo a year or two ago. He was a big blighter.




  1. You know…I thought about it, and if the story had been reversed and a woman had been flashed by a man, there would probably have been a very different reaction. I’ve been flashed by a stranger and definitely did NOT care for it, so I’m with you on the uncomfortable thing. And this coming from someone who photographs people in the nude! Anyway, majestic bear!


    1. Thanks :) It is interesting how the gender makes a difference. I suspect that when a male flashes there is the added worry that he is bigger and stronger than the person he is flashing – so the potential for danger is there. And, to be honest, men’s bits are not that attractive. I think it comes down to what I have frequently said, context makes a difference in one’s emotional response to nudity. The same naked body will cause difference responses according to situation.

      This said, I am most sorry to hear that you too have been flashed at some point. :( There are certainly strange people out there.


    1. Thank you! :) I’m hoping that my family and I come back richer for it. Especially my daughter, who is 11 and up until now perceives the world as little more than the southern Sydney suburb that has been her home for those years (well, she has been to Melbourne once and Queensland twice, but you know what I mean). Our part of Sydney is very “Brady Bunch” in character, if you know what I mean. So she will really benefit from seeing other places. :)


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