Third book teaser, travels, genealogy and keratoconus

Third book teaser, travels, genealogy and keratoconus

Wow – that title is sure a jumble of thoughts. Yes – my next brain-dump is upon you. Flee while you can!

Third book teaser

So I have chucked (I love that word) the teaser for the third book up onto the menus. For those of you not following my blog, I wrote a ginormous novel and then decided that it did not work together well in one whole. basically because it was made up of separate stories that just happened to overlap. So I am breaking it down into its component stories, fleshing them out and making them separate novels.

The plan is to work on each of these teasers, maybe writing (and rewriting) each till there is about 4 or 5 chapters sitting on this site for each. Then finish off the rest for selling on somewhere like Amazon or Smashwords or whatever.

Travel Plans – the great trip!

As I have said previously, the six weeks following 1 September will see this blog become mostly about travel and travel photography with maybe some art and culture thrown in. So I thought that I would share my plans with you so that you know what to expect.

TIP: Become a member of English Heritage or the UK National Trust if you intend to visit lots of historical places. I’ve done this before and it only takes visiting about three places on their list to recoup your cost because you wont need to pay to get in. After that every place you visit you are effectively not paying to enter. This said, make sure you know what places you want to visit and who is responsible for what before you join, because they do look after different places.

For the first week in the UK I hope to first visit Warwick Castle, a place I once visited with my wife and father when the latter was alive. (Dad is on the left in the pic below. Nicole in the middle and my step-uncle Kevin on the right)


I tend to believe that this is a great castle to show Rhiannon because it is well kept, very large and has a real atmosphere about it. It also has a Horrible History show on the weekend that we visit, and Rhiannon loves Horrible Histories. (So do I)

I also hope to see Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon before heading back down to London and doing a couple of days of touristy things there. These should include Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and the British Museum. I must admit that I particularly enjoy doing the tour of the Tower. The Beefeaters lead the tour and provide a Stirling commentary full of fun and interest.


After this we hop onto a tour called the European Cavalcade. It’s by Costsaver which seems to be associated with Trafalgar Tours. The tour plan is as follows:


The numbers in the red spots represents how many nights we are staying in each place.

My plan is to provide a day by day commentary about the tour, the places we visit and the quality I experience. I have actually undertaken such a tour once before, a long time ago, and really enjoyed it. I expect no different this time.

At Paris (the tour’s final destination before going back to London) we hop off, visit a delightful local relative and visit EuroDisney. Rhiannon should love this!

And then back to the UK for a fortnight where our time will be split between South West England (Bath, Stonehenge, Tintagel, Cheddar Gorge) and the area between London and Cambridge (Legoland at Windsor, Harry Potter World, Cambridge). As a bit of trivia – I was born in Cambridge, even though I was raised in Australia.

Genealogy and Keratoconus

I’ve added a page to this site for my Males family of London and Cambridge. That goes back to around 1800 where I’ve had a brick wall for the best part of a decade. The interesting thing is that I have an ancestor who lived in London’s worst rookery (think “criminal slum”) around the time of Charles Dickens. The rookery was at St Giles and Dickens visited it to research his writings. Also, the artist Hogarth based his famous sketch “Gin Lane: on the very street where they lived (albeit in 1751).

The Keratoconus comes into this because I really want to know where I get it from. My distant cousin Diane mentioned on one of my recent posts that her daughter has it. We share the Easy family heritage (on my father’s side), so I am guessing that is one family that carries the genes for Keratoconus. This is an East Anglian family.

However my understanding of genetics (admittedly poor) suggests that I would also have required the right gene to come down through a family on that side too for me to have it.

So I would really love for anyone with Keratoconus and some UK ancestry to leave a comment here about their heritage in the hope that we can put the pieces of the puzzle together. :) It may come to nothing, but it may come to something. :)

Today’s featured image is the Rialto Bridge in Venice, taken with an old second-hand Russian Zenith film camera back in the 1990s. I stayed a week in a hotel right next to this bridge.

OK then – thank you for reading if you have made it this far. I hope that you enjoy the next month and a half as much as I will. :)






  1. Fantastic itinerary, you will have a great trip. I’m an oldie and I’d love to go to Lego World. Keep us posted wherever possible, no excuses will be accepted.


    1. Thank you :) I still have all my old Lego. :) It should be an adventure. I will do my best to keep you all informed and hopefully provide some good pics :)


  2. Well planned! It’ll be a great trip. Have fun and enjoy to the fullest. ^_^ Safe Trip!


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