Perhaps – a work inspired by recent discussions

Perhaps - a work inspired by recent discussions

I was pretty chuffed by feedback on my very simplistic Dystopia City Block renderings, so I thought that I would actually do something with the Dystopia objects. Unfortunately I had not saved my previous scene, so I had to start from scratch. I also thought that here was an opportunity to get back to one of the basic messages that I had intended for this blog, namely…

anyone can produce good art for next to nothing using pre-existing models and this art is legally yours to use in books etc

I rendered the scene in DAZ Studio (free) using NVIDIA Iray (free). The objects used were:

The set up was fairly straight forward:


So yep, I kept the Dystopia City blocks small to make them seem far away. I kept my camera low to emphasis their height. While a Distant Light (golden) hit the city, I had two fainter spotlights hitting the girl – one orange from outside and one blue from inside. (The yellow arrows show the direction of the light beams). The idea was not to colour her but to hint at the colours that lurk in a photograph when you take a picture of someone with a bright sky behind them. And that is part of what I wanted. I wanted her to be little more than a shadowy figure – a little indistinct but still recognisable as a girl with a gun.

Her pose was pretty simple too. I wanted her to seem to be relaxed yet waiting for someone or something. She is looking up at her gun (itself upright like the buildings behind it). She knows that she will use it. She is dwelling upon it.

Hence I call it “Perhaps”.

All told, setting up the scene took perhaps half an hour. Rendering it took two hours.

And yes, even though the objects used are the intellectual property of their designers and we cannot on-sell them – any 2D work that we create with them (e.g. a picture or poster or book cover) is ours to sell.

Thanks folks for your inspiration. Back to a travel post tomorrow.







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