A quick photo opportunity at the Rhine Falls

A quick photo opportunity at the Rhine Falls
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Imagine a place where in winter, every 10 seconds, water the equivalent to an Olympic size swimming pool rushes down a waterfall. Well, that place is the Rhine Falls near the town of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. These are reputedly the largest plain falls in Europe.


The coach for our tour (Trafalgar’s Costsaver ‘European Cavalcade”) dropped us off here. (OK – it may seem that I’m giving them lots of free advertising, but trust me, I will give a balanced review of this tour.)

Somewhere around here we picked up a Swiss tour guide. Immediately he won me over by offering to take a photo of the three of us in front of the falls.


Naturally I looked dashing and Nicole and Rhiannon weren’t that bad either.

As we traipsed down to lakeside I could not help but notice the solid building not too distant. Apparently this is the 14th century Worth Castle (so if it wasn’t there would the lake be “worth”less?). To me it looked like it had experienced some recent renovations of the restaurant variety, but such is the tourist industry.

Worth Castle
Worth castle is on the far right

For reasons not apparent to me the sky seemed less blue in this photo. Was the weather changing or was the fine spray from the falls causing some strange effect? Was my Lightroom post-processing simply crap? Or was it simply the differences between taking photos with a Canon DSLR, and iPad and a Samsung Galaxy? I don’t know, but suspect the latter because this was taken with my Samsung using the generic camera app and the others weren’t. But by the next photo the blueness had returned.


Ah yes, I should explain that bit about Samsung’s generic camera app. You see, as I have mentioned previously I also have Camera FV-5 installed. This latter is a worthy little app, but for me seemed to take far too long to actually take a photo. I would point and click, then the thing would whir for a moment or two (well, do something for a second or two) and then take the photo – by which time I may have lost the picture. So I used the generic camera a fair bit when wandering and Camera FV-5 when I knew I had time to stuff around.


We walked around the falls, trying to capture shots from various angles. Oh, and by the way, the rock that you can see here is Late Jurassic Limestone. (I only mention that because I watched the film Jurassic World on the plane flying over to Europe and therefore had mental images of dinosaurs clambering over these rocks.)


I must admit that I was not in top photographic form.


But it was a good stop and a nice introduction to Switzerland. Lucerne next.

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  1. I feel that Samsung phone takes better picture as compared to iPhone. :) iPad is the worst. But Sony phone is still the best. I’m too lazy to take pictures with a proper camera. :D


    1. I find that it varies according to the situation. Indoors our iPad Air takes better photos than the Samsung (generally – not always). But I really like my Samsung outside. I don’t have a Sony phone so I cannot comment there. But now that I know how to use my DSLR, I think it does pretty superb shots :)


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