A star is reborn!!!!

A star is reborn!!!!

Ok – I had not intended to post today. I have a huge number of photos from the Tower of London and I was really trying to think of how best I could present them. Maybe a post about the outside of the Tower and its environs. Then a day later a post about inside the buildings, focusing upon armour and weapons. Not sure yet.

But then today I went with my wife to pick up our daughter from her dance/theatre lessons and her teacher asked me something.

‘Rhiannon’s voice is struggling to reach some of the notes in the song we want her to sing at the end of year concert,’ Miss Patricia said to me.

Oh yes, I thought. I guess I could work on that with her. However I said nothing, merely nodding at her words and waiting to see where this was heading.

‘I think it would be a good idea if you sang in the concert with her.’

(Actually, that is a kind of paraphrase because I was so gob-smacked that I cannot remember the precise words)


I stammered a yes.

Miss Patricia showed me the lyrics sheet of the song that I would be singing with Rhiannon and I was delighted. It was the Five Pennies.

Now I don’t know how many of you love old films, but I am definitely such a person. The Five Pennies was a 1959 film starring Danny Kaye as band leader Red Nichols. The movie has a bit of comedy and a bit of pathos and (best of all where I am concerned) a happy ending.

Hence I am to get to sing at Rhiannon’s Dance School’s concert the titular song from this old film. What a brilliant Daddy-daughter moment it will be. :)

Obviously Miss Patricia remembered that I used to sing in my youth (hence the header picture of my old theatrical troupe – the Ephesus Theatre Company). So I have a month to get my voice in tune :)

Anyway, here is the original song scene from the film.

Thanks for reading.