And a bit of writing too

And a bit of writing too

(Just a brief one today…)

This blog is an excellent way of sharing adventures, ideas and fun with established online friends. It is also great for making new friends. Thing is, it is also practice for writing my science fiction / fantasy novel.

I know that Stephen King urged us would-be writers to write every day. I seem to recall he said something like 2000 words (though I may be wrong and am too tired to check). That’s a hefty goal.

Yet as I try to write my blog posts on a regular basis I find that the words do indeed come easier. Much easier. And this has translated into my ability to write my novels.

Also, you may recall that my plan was to divide my main book into smaller books. I even started placing teasers up. Well, recently I caught up with a friend of mine, an editor who left her professional position in order to raise her family. A year ago she had offered to read my first draft (when it was still one huge tome). As we chatted she mentioned my book and (ignorant of my subsequent decision) told me that she felt that I should divide it up into smaller books. I was elated. I felt vindicated.

Anyway, today I did further work on one of the novels and have updated the teaser appropriately.

As per normal as I wrote I felt the characters chasing away my original opinions of them. My plans for my characters remain the same, but new twists and turns emerge. Interesting.

Anyway, I have changed Tempting in Shade to have follow two main characters. The first is sixteen year old Pari Azar, full of hormones and magic. The second is Negan Azar, her mother and most hated individual in Shushtar.

I wonder how it will work out. :)





  1. 2000 words a day?! That’s more than the NaNoWriMo’s target of 1600+ words! I’m looking forward to reading your novel. Pari, I’m waiting for you!


    1. Maybe it’s a thousand words. :) I cannot really remember, though I think it’s more than within the hundreds. Mind you, it does not need to be finished writing. I must admit to never having done the NaNoWriMo thing :)


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