Playing with Photoshop and a Black Forest photo

Playing with Photoshop and a Black Forest photo

For no apparent reason I found myself doodling with Lightroom and Photoshop while processing my Black Forest photos. I guess I’ve had a few things on my mind recently.  Anyway, I thought I would share. They are not good, but what the heck, it gives you an insight into me. :)

Original photo: It felt like it could be something more.


So I made it into a black and white image with high contrast and clarity.


So then I thought to myself that this is quite a nice ink-sketch type picture. Can I add a bit of colour and maybe a character from one of my 3D scenes.


But I did not like the colour much.


So I have kind of stopped playing with it. LOL.

This said, I strongly believe that from playing with ideas we find art. :)





    1. Thanks :) To be honest I feel that I need to have another go at it. It captures the essence of what I wanted, but I feel it is still rather raw. Hopefully once I do this you will like it even more :)


      1. That’s the fun part. There is no right or wrong. Just play with it until it feels right for you. I really enjoy your work.


        1. That is so encouraging and uplifting :) Many, many thanks :) All I can say is that I try :)


  1. B’vec! That final version could be a great cover to a horror novel! // I’m glad I had finished my coffee before I saw it =) //


    1. LOL. You warm my heart and tickle my sense of humour. :)


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