The Tower of London – outside

The Tower of London - outside

So we caught the Tube to Tower Hill to see the Tower of London. The day was grey and I felt myself wondering whether I should have brought umbrellas. I also realised that my previous day’s photos of public monuments and the such was fairly sub-par. On this grey day I needed to lift my game!

Naturally the use of the expression “lift my game” then went on to totally distract me. I wondered where it came from and how widely it was used. Hence I found myself rapidly searching Google on my phone and ignoring the fact that the Tower was on the schedule. The answers that Google provided were unsatisfactory and I pondered the various games where participants could lift things. Chess was an obvious first choice, but I felt manipulated into that – like a pawn!

Luckily Tower Hill station arrived to drag me away from my deep thought.

Now don’t expect me to inundate you with facts about the Tower. Let’s face it, practically every blog or webpage about the Tower uses exactly the same facts and it can become quite boring. After all, everyone knows that William the Conqueror started it, the royals once lived there, lots of prisoners “of importance” were housed there for convenience’s sake, and quite a few executions happened around the joint.

So I have decided to just give you photos of the Tower and its environs.

First my favourite photo.


And then the rest:

Hope you liked :)