A proud father sings a duet with his daughter

A proud father sings a duet with his daughter

Hi folks,

Sunday was a proud day for me, albeit probably a sore-ear day for those around me.

Rhiannon had her annual dance concert. As I have mentioned before, Rhiannon studies dance and theatre at the Miss Patricia Yvonne Academy, part of the EDTA school. Rhiannon often gets called upon to sing and this time, because she was struggling with the rhythm of her medley, I was asked a few months ago whether I would be happy to sing with her. This rather blurry video shows the outcome.

Hi everybody this is Greg singing with Rhiannon at her dance concert yesterday

Posted by Nicole Ginger on Monday, December 14, 2015

To be honest she saved my bacon in this song. You may not tell it, but after a quarter of a century off-stage I suddenly had stage fright and kept forgetting the words. Luckily Rhiannon didn’t. It did not help that the music was so loud that I could not hear myself sing and could only barely hear Rhiannon.

Nevertheless, it was damned fine. I will remember it always. I hope that she will too. The day I did a duet with my daughter :)

As for the rest of the concert she danced several pieces, ranging in style from ballet to contemporary jazz(?) to tap. I was surprised but pleased to see that she often could prominent roles/positions. She also acted out a little role with another girl, being two abandoned toys talking about life. It was so cool. :)

Now you may wonder why I like her doing dance. I guess because it is an artistic discipline with a level of physicality about it. I know that with her body shape being a bit solid and a likelihood of being tall, she is unlikely to be a professional ballet dance. But that is not the point. Art and discipline, as I said. And she gets such pleasure from it!

This aside, I also encourage her in sport. She plays a game called Oztag (a variety of rugby) for a team called the Bubblegum Besties. From this she learns teamwork. My wife and I also make sure that we see every game. :)


Sorry for this being a bit of a self-indulgent post, but it was a great experience for me and I am so proud of Rhiannon.

More travel stories next time :)




  1. You are a wonderful dad! Not many dads are willing to go on stage, not to mention do duet with daughter! Bravo! :)


    1. Thank you :) I would do anything for my little princess, and if that means making a fool of myself then so be it :) And again thanks for such kind words :)


  2. What a wonderful memory the two of you will have! I love to see fathers so involved in their daughters’ lives and you have good reason to be proud of Rhiannon! I loved watching the video. Diane


    1. Thanks :) I do my best to participate in her life now while she will endure it. LOL. I need to know that when she is free to do as she pleases, that perhaps I have influenced her enough to make thoughtful decisions :) Thanks again :) BTW – it’s good to know that at least one of my relatives reads my blog :) Thanks :) Greg


    1. Thankyou :) I was so nervous. Thank goodness for Rhiannon :)


    1. Thanks :) Yep, it was special for the two of us, though I suspect more for me than Rhiannon at the moment LOL


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