Colour splashed flower in Photoshop

Colour splashed flower in Photoshop

Short post today as I have not really been home much.


Here is a photo of a flower from my visit to Warwick Castle that I subsequently “colour splashed”. I only learnt that term today, though I have seen plenty of people do it. I just did not know that it had a name.

All I did was randomly pick one of my flower pictures and then:

  1. In Photoshop duplicate it to a new layer
  2. Go to the Image menu, then adjustment, then Black and White to make the new layer a grayscale one
  3. Make the duplicate layer invisible
  4. Use the quick selection tool on the background layer to select out the front flower
  5. Make the new layer visible and click on it so my previous selection is active there
  6. Press the Delete key, and voila!
  7. Then I played with vibrancy and saturation on the background until I was happy with it.

Hope you like this simplistic tutorial. I am trying to make the most of my travel photos. :)




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