Loving Lake Lucerne (plus a great little shop in Picton)

Loving Lake Lucerne (plus a great little shop in Picton)
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Hi all,

Today’s post is two stories. The first is set today, during a little drive to a New South Wales’ town called Picton where I found a marvellous little “collectables” shop. Then back to Switzerland in September.

Armour Collectables in Picton

Obviously the name of this shop got my attention straight away. Two things that I love: armour and collectables. Alas I saw no armour in it.


This said, I did see lots of wonderful lamps, vases, statuettes, jewellery, books, paintings and so on as the photo above displays. So much to see and buy. Let me emphasise the latter. Our friend Louise, who was with us was smitten with several things (lamps mostly) and even took pictures to take back to try to convince her husband to let her buy.

Walking through the door the first thing that struck me was the pleasant ambience, made even better by the Dean Martin background music (I’ve never admitted this in this blog before, but I am a great fan of the so-called crooners of the 50s and 60s). The lady behind the counter (Dr Lenore Armour) was also incredibly nice to me. It became obvious that this shop was a labour of love and not profit. I must admit that I could feel it, and hence the inclusion on my blog. The address is 91 Argyle street, Picton. So if you are a Sydneysider or from the Gong, I reckon that a visit is due. :)

Lake Lucerne – on and in

September 2015

Via cable-car, funicular and coach we plunged down off Mount Stanserhorn to the shores of Lake Lucerne, fourth largest lake in Switzerland. There a small vessel awaited us – all part of the Trafalgar Costsaver European Cavalcade tour. Better still, the tour guide brought wine!



The leisurely cruise around the lake was spectacular (a word that I am going to really overuse in posts about my European holiday). The blossoming photographer in me revelled.


I even tried (rather poorly) a panorama.


It was quite a warm day, the wine relaxed us, and the conversation was great. I was also lucky, because as I got to know my fellow tourists I realised what a great bunch they were. But even this could not stop me from clicking in practically every direction as the boat moved along the waters.





That’s a giant statue of Jesus on top of the cliffs, in case you cannot work it out from the bushes around it.

And finally we reached Lucerne, the familiar bridge appearing ahead of us.


OK – so I’ve talked all about being “on” Lake Lucerne, but what about “in” it?

Well, the second day of our tour in Lucerne was hot – really hot. The locals and tourists all collected by the lake and sat in cafes and on the grass. The chatted, drank coffee and gazed at spectacular views.

But not us – we’re Aussies and Aussies swim on hot days.

Rhiannon and I changed into our cosies (pronounced coz-ease, and meaning swimming costumes – an Australian-ism). Nicole did not put on her cosy (cosies singular I guess) as she had enough sense not to join us in the swim. Nevertheless the three of us stomped down to the lake’s shore and looked for a place to swim. Surprisingly there were few. Yes, there was an actually swimming bath type place, but it cost a lot for not much benefit. So we walked on past it for a few hundred metres, then found a nice place to plonk down and in we went.


I think Rhiannon had second thoughts as we approached the water’s edge. However, with my glasses off and vision reduced to an arm’s-length in front of me, I showed no fear.


Here I am looking noble, wet, fat and myopic all in one photo. The square building thingy behind me is the expensive swimming baths that we chose to ignore. You can also see a duck on the water behind me.


Once I was in the water that duck decided to get to know me better, hence this great photo. I took it with my trusty Lumix. Rhiannon also joined me.


So what was the water like?


Yep – cold. Perhaps I should say “refreshing”. Yes, I guess it was that too. But cold is the first word that comes to mind.


Nevertheless Rhiannon and I spent an hour or so frolicking in the chilly waters and can now say that we have swum here. :)  And yes, I would happily do so again. :)

And that is that. End of my story about Lake Lucerne. Hope you liked it.

All in all, our European Cavalcade Tour really delivered with the Lucerne part of the tour. Yes, the hotel was very (yes, very) cramped without a view. If it was in Australia I would not even have thought of staying at it. This said, the things we saw with out tour guide were really top notch. I guess that as long as you consider the hotel to be nothing more than the place where you sleep then all is good. :)

Thanks for reading.





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  1. I liked your Lake Lucerne story, Greg. It brought back many happy memories of our holiday to Lake Lucerne some 49 years ago. It looks quite different now…not the lake but the surroundings on land that I could see. You and your family have had a most eventful year with your travels. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy 2016!!


  2. Greg…it just occurred to me that you don’t know who fireicegirl is. It’s me, Diane, your cousin in the U.S.


    1. Hi Diane :) Thanks for dropping by :) Do you have any pics from 49 years ago for comparison?

      Yep – the travels were superb! And my blogging odyssey is only about a quarter of the way through the holiday!

      Yep – I hope that you and yours also have a superb Christmas and 2016 :) One of these years I will make it over there to meet you :)



  3. Cold water and warm memories =)
    The panorama looks great actually, and the duck photo is awesome!


    1. LOL. Yep, cold water and warm memories. I like that! Thanks :)


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