Our great Christmas

Our great Christmas

I’ve managed to pry Rhiannon off my PC in order to write a post :)

Just wanted to share my Christmas with you all. Hence this might be an incredibly tedious post. I’m just warning you. After all, I don’t want you sitting there reading (or in one case listening to Rupert) and getting all anticipatory (is that a real word?) and then suddenly… nothing. Like a big bad nothing. Like so much nothing that you find yourselves floundering in existentialism.

Anyway, Christmas Eve was frantic. Rhiannon had got herself this ambition to make a Christmas Tree cake. Naturally she got the idea off some mistress of the kitchen on YouTube. And naturally she refused to accept that she was only 11 years old whereas the aforesaid cook extraordinaire was quite a bit older and more experienced. I did spend an hour or so trying to talk her into something less… um… challenging. I got no where.

“Dad. You always say to stretch yourself,” she replied.

Damn my astonishing Dad wisdom!


“Dad! You always tell me to be determined and never give up.”

And so I gave up. Gave up trying to change her mind.

This monstrous cake involved baking 4 butter cakes, crumbling one up and then remoulding it into a cone with icing. Then wrapping one cake in pink fondant to become the bottom layer. And subsequently icing, stacking and icing the other levels.

And this was where things became unstuck about 6 hours later at just gone 11pm. There was not enough icing. You heard me right – not enough icing. And we had no icing sugar or any other ingredients to expand our amount.

No! We needed to go shopping.

The only open store was 20 minutes drive away and it would shut at midnight. All shops would be shut tomorrow. So we had to hurry.

To cut a long story short we got there, bought the icing and returned home where we suddenly crashed into our beds determined to finish the icing the following morning.

We woke, dressed quickly and rushed off to our local church for the Christmas service.

OK – whinge time from me.

When I was younger I used to love Christmas services. We would sing all the carols with gusto and between each bracket of singing there would be a few bible readings and reminders of the real meaning of Christmas and then off again for more singing. Brilliant.

But now days churches are losing their numbers except at Christmas and Easter. For some strange reason they feel that good approach is a deep, meaningful and long (really, really long) sermon in a service with only 3 songs (of which one is a real carol, one is a modern song and one is a modern interpretation of a classic carol that requires us all to sing at double the normal pace and not take a breath). Yep – like that is going to encourage any recalcitrant Christians or any non-believers (yes, non-believers will attend church on special days for their family’s sakes) to say “Hey, this looks really cool and I should do it every week.” Well, at least it’s not false advertising.

Oh well, that is a soap box for another day.

So we zoomed home and started on the cake. It had to be ready to take to the family Christmas lunch (by family I mean Nicole’s extended family who have a traditional Christmas get-together lunch).

Rhiannon started again on the cake. I took some photos to show you the determination on her face.



And then there it was in all its magnificence.


Let me just say here that I was wrong. I was wrong in not having faith that Rhiannon could make this. I was wrong in trying to dissuade her. This said, I feel I redeemed myself in giving her as much support as possible once we decided to go ahead with it.

As Rhiannon made the finishing touches I through together one of my famous Haloumi salads. When I say famous, I mean within the family. Nevertheless it is a damned fine salad.

Then off we rushed, four bottles of wine with us too.

The cake went down a treat.


I must admit that it was tasty. By damn it was rich too. And just looking at it packed on the calories

Well, we ate and celebrated for the rest of the day. Christmas in Australia is always fun packed and overflowing with food. In this way we remember that God is generous and good.

Then in the evening the children lit sparklers and played with them in the garden.


After a long, long day we headed off home. It had been good and we realised how lucky we are in Australia.

I hope that all of you too had a great Christmas and I hope that you also have a Happy New Year eve. Thanks for your friendships over the past year.

I will leave you with our family Christmas photo.

God Bless





  1. Great cake! Glad you had a great Christmas. The weather seems to be playing all sorts of wicked games with us around the world. Hope you avoided any of its effects. New Year to come next, should we expect another culinary work?


    1. It was very tasty – and very rich. In regards to the weather we have been OK, albeit in Victoria the fires have raged. We’re in NSW just north of a massive bit of woodland. As a child I remember the entire southern horizon being flames. Hopefully I won’t see that again. You’re getting flood up in your part of the world I believe. All is OK with you and yours? And yes, I expect many more culinary masterpieces to come :) Thanks :)


  2. Rhiannon is awesome! ☺️ Rushing to get the ingredients before the store closed is a great way to show how supportive you are. You didn’t give up either. So you all are equally awesome! Wish Nicole, Rhiannon and you a blessed and wonderful New Year!


    1. I tell you, inside I was a bit miffed at the late night drive (so maybe not as awesome as you think). But I would not let Rhiannon down – ever – as much as I can help it :) Thanks for your kind words. :) Wishing you and yours a great 2016 :)


      1. LOL! ☺️ That’s the key! You didn’t let her down and you would not let her down!


  3. My 12 year old son graced our holiday with a camouflage cake. Not sure of the connection to Christmas or any other known holiday of the time. It was a marbled sort of cake with different brown and green colors topped with bright green icing. Not sure I want to know how those colors came about. Didn’t honestly look that appetizing but since it was my parental duty to eat a piece, I tried it and it actually tasted pretty decent.


    1. LOL Ken. Yes, kids can be quite creative with their cooking :) I actually like the idea of a camouflage cake. Did you ask him “Where is it? I can’t see it.” :) Thanks :)


  4. What a wonderful Christmas story! Thanks for sharing it and the cake looks beyond delicious! I wish you and yours a very merry New Year! ^_^v


    1. Thanks and I wish you and yours a great New Year too :) The cake was sooooo rich, but very delicious :) All those calories…


    1. Thanks. Mind you, things always look better when all you see is a snapshot. But yes, they aren’t too bad :)


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