The Tower of London - outside

So we caught the Tube to Tower Hill to see the Tower of London. The day was grey and I felt myself wondering whether I should have brought umbrellas. I also realised that my previous day’s photos of public monuments and the such was fairly sub-par. On this grey day I needed to lift my game! Naturally the use of the expression “lift my game” then went on to totally

A star is reborn!!!!

Ok – I had not intended to post today. I have a huge number of photos from the Tower of London and I was really trying to think of how best I could present them. Maybe a post about the outside of the Tower and its environs. Then a day later a post about inside the buildings, focusing upon armour and weapons. Not sure yet. But then today I went

Briskly past Westminster and on to Buckingham Palace

(NOTE: I wanted to title this post “My photos of Westminster really sucked”. Anyway, take this post as a warning to bad planning.) So I naively had this plan. It’s the one I mentioned earlier, the plan that reads “British Museum in morning. Westminster in afternoon.” It’s pretty much at the beginning of my British Museum post. Stupid! Really stupid! We left the British Museum around 2pm and wandered casually down

And a bit of writing too

(Just a brief one today…) This blog is an excellent way of sharing adventures, ideas and fun with established online friends. It is also great for making new friends. Thing is, it is also practice for writing my science fiction / fantasy novel. I know that Stephen King urged us would-be writers to write every day. I seem to recall he said something like 2000 words (though I may be wrong and am

Cleopatra's Needle

Hi all, You may remember this stone dude from my British Museum post: His name was Thutmose I and he was a renowned warrior Pharaoh, pushing Egypt’s boundaries further than ever before. Some reckon that he was also probably the first Pharaoh buried in the Valley of the Kings. Thing is, he had a grandson who would turn out to be even more ferocious. The Royal Egyptian family displayed unusual flare and originality in naming this grandson Thutmose

Half a day in the British Museum is not enough

In case you are curious as to the point of this post, please re-read the title. Yep – it says it all. So we were in London for two days (how stupid is that? Should be longer.) . Our plans say “British Museum in morning. Westminster in afternoon.” Dumb, dumb, dumb. Shows you that we were only used to Australian museums where you waltz in, see everything within two hours,

Perhaps - a work inspired by recent discussions

I was pretty chuffed by feedback on my very simplistic Dystopia City Block renderings, so I thought that I would actually do something with the Dystopia objects. Unfortunately I had not saved my previous scene, so I had to start from scratch. I also thought that here was an opportunity to get back to one of the basic messages that I had intended for this blog, namely… anyone can produce good

Traipsing across Hyde Park to see the Albert Memorial

(NOTE: this is just a whimsical post without much purpose) Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel (Prince Albert as we know him) had an ambitious uncle named Leopold, who just happened to be King of Belgium during the 1830s. Crafty old Leopold thought that it would be a fine idea to encourage romance between his nephew and his English niece (a fine lass named Victoria). I’m not sure that we would

Emulating "Golden Hours" with DAZ Studio and Iray

Hi all, I’ll be very brief today. In my previous travel/photography post (the one about Warwick Castle) I mentioned the benefits of photographing during the so-called Golden Hours (early morning or late afternoon). I also flippantly said that 3D digital artists should look at emulating this more often because the lighting in so many works is very bland. Well, I’ve set as my post header the Warwick Castle photo that

Warwick Castle and demonstrating the golden hours

Summary In today’s post I will look at Warwick Castle as a tourist destination, a place where history is recreated, and also provide a practical example of the Golden or Magic Hours that photographers prize. Beware, you have to endure me talking about my relationship with this place. So proceed with caution. Warwick – location Warwick is a town towards the centre of England, and therefore is fairly easy to reach.

Witley Court and the joys of English Heritage

This post has three main topics: the benefits of joining local heritage groups Witley Court is a great place for photography the family that photographs together has fun together I like to plan things ahead. Nicole finds this very annoying - restrictive even. But it’s what I do. So when we decided to go to the UK I also decided to investigate membership of something like English Heritage or the National Trust.

Cameras I took travelling & photo editing software once home

Today’s post is not about my adventures as such, but about what camera equipment I took with me and then how I turned my very amateurish shots into something a little better. But first… I stumbled upon this competition to win a Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera Safari Set! Valued at $10,000. From what I can tell from the terms and conditions it is an international competition. So have a

One does not simply fly into England

Actually I lie. We did simply fly into England, after a 23 hour journey from Australia. I then spent several hours in a hotel room becoming disgusted with the Android WordPress app. By the following night I had decided to use Facebook as a journal to record immediate thoughts and impressions. So part of what follows will be excerpts from that with other learnings etc. :) So an annotated version

I return!

A big hello to all my friends. Seven weeks since last we spoke. After composing and losing a post several times on the WordPress app for android, I gave up in disgust on trying to post while abroad. So over the next few months I must make up for it. Where to start? Well, they say that travelling broadens the mind. I must admit that my waistline is not the worse

Really bad teenage angst poetry

OK – had not intended to post anything. Just packing for the trip and while looking for my old UK electric power point converters I actually found a screwed up piece of paper in a box under my bed that turned out to be one of my teenage poems (I was 18). Wow – 1982! It is soooooo lame. But I guess I can use the sentiments in writing teenage

Memories of dolphins

Not long now. On Monday we travel to a hotel near Sydney’s International Terminal and at 6am Tuesday we jump onto a plane heading for Europe. Exciting! Hence just a brief, nostalgic post today :) Getting ready for the trip I found myself backing up old photos. One lot brought back fond memories. When Rhiannon was a lot younger the three of us travelled from Sydney several hours down the

Third book teaser, travels, genealogy and keratoconus

Wow – that title is sure a jumble of thoughts. Yes – my next brain-dump is upon you. Flee while you can! Third book teaser So I have chucked (I love that word) the teaser for the third book up onto the menus. For those of you not following my blog, I wrote a ginormous novel and then decided that it did not work together well in one whole. basically

Teasers and travel preparations

Short one tonight. But before I get to the purpose of the post, let me just say that the “boob flashing” incident of Tuesday is still haunting my life. Today my wife told everyone in her woman’s group about it. The thing you need to realise is that most people in that group have known me since at least my early 20s (I am about to turn 51 – so yes

Another off-topic post: the booby-trapped platform!

First I will apologise for the awful pun in the title, especially as I never use the term “booby” in my normal conversations. OK – here’s the story of what happened to me on the way home tonight. I step off the train. It is night time and the station is mostly deserted. Dark. A few sad souls stand there waiting for a train that is obviously not the one

Lost things

I was not going to post today but something happened today to remind me of my Keratoconus. This is not a topic I address too frequently because I don’t like to be defined by my disorder. But sometimes it gets very frustrating. As per normal I hurried to catch my morning train. I use an electronic card (called an Opal card) to pay my train fare and I keep the