January 2016

How computer games improved my team work

Hi all, As I prepare to leave my workplace, so I find myself going through the files on my work computer. Some I place on our document management system so that those that come after me will have some idea of the work that I have done. Others I delete as nothing more than working papers. Then there are things like that I found today: a speech. For a short while

Apologies... and into Venice

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Hi all, Firstly an apology for my neglect in recent weeks, especially the past fortnight or so. With my final date due to redundancy rapidly approaching (Friday 29 January) I find myself focusing on setting myself up for the future. Alas maintaining this blog or reading other blogs is way down at the bottom of my list of my current priorities. Sorry. :( Interestingly I had coffee today with a friend

Review - The Shannara Chronicles - Chosen

The advertising was very persuasive. The cinematography on the advertisements blew me away. And Terry Brooks’ books had been favourites of mine as a teenager. I can remember reading Sword of Shannara in the library and then going out and buying Elfstones the moment that it was published (1982?). But still there was lingering doubt. I still remember the appalling mess that was the 2004 mini series based upon A

To write a new text book - Promote team effectiveness

Some of you may remember that toward the beginning of this century I wrote two management text books. With my redundancy rapidly approaching (29 January) I contacted my old publishers (Software Publications). I had been working on a new textbook for them a few years back before my last eye infection sent me blind for a couple of months and subsequent eye issues kept me from doing much other than my

Fair Verona

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OK – long post today. I am way behind in processing my European photographs. Well, I do have around 6,000! But today I worked on it. If you follow me on Twitter (not that I post much) you will see that I am also tired from having swum a kilometre yesterday. I am really not up to that. So today I carry on with the adventure of a lifetime, my

Using Lightroom on my digital art

Hi all, Just a quickie – a kind of brain dump. The more I use Adobe Lightroom for my photos, the more I realise what it can do for my art. The thing that I like about it are the sliders for things such as white and black, highlights and shadows, the saturation etc of different colours and so on. My first attempt was with the picture Perhaps. I lightened the

Innsbruck in Austria

This entry is part 13 of 20 in the series European Cavalcade

…so we avoided the strange man in the Charlie Chaplin outfit and the squeaky voice… Oops. I’ve started the story midway. Must be because I am tired, confused and still recovering from the wild New Year’s Eve party three days ago. But by damn that was a great party. It was at a local club. The band played mostly 80s classics. There was a lot of dancing. And we had a