To write a new text book – Promote team effectiveness

To write a new text book - Promote team effectiveness

Some of you may remember that toward the beginning of this century I wrote two management text books. With my redundancy rapidly approaching (29 January) I contacted my old publishers (Software Publications). I had been working on a new textbook for them a few years back before my last eye infection sent me blind for a couple of months and subsequent eye issues kept me from doing much other than my day time job. I had handed over to them a mostly finished first draft that needed some clean up and polishing. I asked them to get someone else to do it, but I guess it died a death without my participation. I guess that when I was well enough to write (basically when I started this blog and the novel) I should have got back to them. But I didn’t because I figured that they would probably consider me unreliable given the Keratoconus.

Anyway, when I contacted them (fully expecting to be told to get lost) they instead offered me the chance to go back to writing that new management text book called “Promote team effectiveness”.

So there I go. :)

Now some of you may be aware that I used to write with Scrivener and then gave it up once I started having issues on my Windows 7 machine. Well, today Nicole and I upgraded our machine to Windows 10 and behold, Scrivener works again. No idea why, but yippee. I will use it to write the text. If I can do that quickly enough then they may let me write some other stuff for them. Cool :)

Just have to make it happen now. Might also have to restructure this web site again to cover all of my projects and interests including the text books.

In other news I have decided that my first three months of unemployment will be spent losing weight (have I mentioned that before?). So I may also have a section flowing the self imposed weight loss of a 51 year old man. I am about 135kgs (about 298 pounds), and I want to lose about 30kgs. The weight contributes to my high blood pressure and sleep apnea. Not ready to die yet and also want more energy to do the things that I want to do.

In respect to future posts, my next one will be upon some element of Venice. I have around 500 photos of the place and I may split it up into four separate posts looking at different aspects. Also a big thanks to any of you following me on Instagram. :)




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