Back at last!

Back at last!

It has not been a good three weeks for me. No, not at all. But I will endeavour not to make this post all doom and gloom. :)

My final day at work (29 January) was special in many ways. The amount of affection coming my way from my colleagues was stunning. So were the number of hugs. :) A lot of people felt that my role should not have been made redundant, but I guess that when finances are limited then organisations must make decisions.  At lunch we moseyed down to a restaurant next to Darling Harbour. If you are unfamiliar with Sydney, Darling Harbour is one of the tourist or recreational precincts of the city. It is essentially a large expanse of water surrounded by shops, parks and restaurants. Very nice.

But not on the 29 January. A storm was on its way – not that we knew. So we were sitting there, chatting and eating, when rain descended. Our table was under cover, but a lot of others weren’t. People dashed inside. Then came a massive clash of thunder. I swear it sounded like it was right next to us. And so a weekend of storms descended upon my city. We all staggered back through the torrential rain, and I made a quick round of further fairwells before heading off tot he station to get home. Luckily the trip was not too bad. Anyone who has lived in Sydney knows that its train system cannot cope with any form of extreme weather.

That weekend was extraordinary. I think that we were battered by about 4 or 5 storms. My house lost electricity at least  3 times across 48 hours. Worse still, my teleph0ne and internet were damaged. I only got the latter back on Friday. My internet provider, Telstra, quite frankly told me that I was a low priority. I still cannot get over that. Other joy was the demise of the hard drive which held all my Lightroom work and all my DAZ Studio and other 3D work. Yes, my photos were backed up but not those items. Why? Alas my data drive had got to a point where I stored around one and a half terabytes and I had no suitable external drive for backing up such a huge amount. Damn! Well, I do now. I’ve gone out and got myself an external 5 Terabyte drive. Alas too late.

Just to cap things off, I had my annual eye checkup in respect to my Keratoconus and my left eye was pronounced ready for a cornea transplant. That will be its second. The last one happened in 1991. Back then I was in hospital for a fortnight. Apparently now days it just takes day surgery. Wow! So that will be happening on the Ides of March (15th). Unfortunately for me that is the day before my cousin from the USA visits Sydney, so I hope that I still get to meet her. It is also a couple of days before the Sydney Royal Easter Show opens, and this year both my daughter and I have entries in the photography competitions. We did not enter to win. Rhiannon wanted to enter and I felt that I should make it happen so as to encourage her interest in photography.

I’ve been working on my novel Tempting in Shade and have been working on making it somewhat more emotional. I actually like how that is going. I am also going to merge two of my main characters, mostly because one just tends to peter away halfway through and that dissatisfies me. Due to lack of internet access I was not able to research the textbook that I am working on. Quite annoying there.

So that is where I am at just now. Sorry for not really following you (my fellow bloggers) on my mobile. Without the home internet we had to rely upon my mobile data. With Rhiannon in High School, I tethered her iPad to my phone so that she could do homework and assignments. Man, did my data plummet! So I really did not read much for myself. I will try to catch up over the next few days.

Thanks for reading :)


PS: the featured image for this story is one I took at the Royal Easter Show a few years back.



  1. Wow… I’m so so sorry about your lost data! :O
    I’m pretty sure you had some real masterpieces in the works too. It’s terrible! Hugs to you, sir!
    And yes, my corneal transplant took three hours and then I was released back to my hotel room for much needed rest afterwards. Corneal transplant has come a long way and continues to improve with time! I wish you all of the luck this coming March! And since my eyesight is approving much, I am really interested in reading your novel, when it’s finished! :-)

    1. Yep – the lost data is a real pain. I am also beginning to suspect that I may have had some home videos on there too. Damn!

      Tell me, how quickly were you able to be up and about following surgery? For example, two days later would you have been up to taking someone on a tour of your home city?

      I am really excited to hear that you are doing so well :)

      Thanks :)


      1. Well, recovery time for everyone varies after the surgery, but on average it takes about a day of rest and then you’re fine! In my case, I had a little complication (sensitivity to light, which cause a lot of pain) and that lasted for a week. BUT, that’s just in my case, I was told that wasn’t common for most cases. It all worked out VERY well in the end though for me. I do wish you lots of luck! :-D

  2. Sounds like a pretty rubbish couple of weeks – glad you managed to get some work done on your book and that you feel it is coming along nicely x

    1. Yep – that about describes it. But such is life, eh? As I settle down into a routine my mind is becoming clearer and less emotional :) Thanks :)

  3. Oh mind! Hope everything will be alright soon. All the best for your surgery in March. Hope you can make it in time for the Easter show! Take care, my friend. Thanks for the update too! :)

    1. Thanks :) I reckon that I am just going to have to skip the preview night and turn up to the Easter Show on a normal day. Pretty exciting nevertheless :)

    1. Thanks :) I’m counting down the days :)

  4. Well Greg, you have certainly managed to survive all those downers with aplomb. The way you have written them up in a non depressing way is a great example of your way with words, your resolve and positive attitude. You are a great example to your daughter and I hope that recognition for your joint photography entries to the show receive appropriate recognition.
    All the best in your retirement and your Ides of March hospital visitation.
    By the way, now you ‘semi’ retired, you will find you have far less time for foreign orders. All those domestic chores put off for another day will now attain priority. Trust me. I know these things.

    1. Thanks old mate :) I am currently crawling my way back up and out of some mental goop that came from the whole redundancy thing. Giving myself a routine of writing helps, as does a bit of photography :) This said, I am still trying to put off the domestic chores. I need to get rid of some more bushes and just the idea of that makes me tired :)

      1. From past experience. Greg I can assure you it will pass in time. I call it a dose of lassitude. It returns from time to time and most of us who get a dose reckon it’s from information overload.

        I just sit back and smell the roses and by jingo, in no time at all it’s gone on its merry way.

        Just keep your chin up cobber and all will be well.

  5. Sorry to hear about the bad things, and wishing you all the luck with the surgery and textbook.

    1. It is what it is. But I feel that it will turn out good :) Thanks :)

  6. Hope things on the upswing now Greg and good luck with the surgery.

    1. Thanks Ken. :) We can only hope. This said, I feel reasonably positive :)

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