Writing, writing, writing

Writing, writing, writing

Hi folks,

This is just a brief catch up.

Since my last post I have been getting up each morning and writing. Admittedly, first I throw a photo up on Instagram. Looking at a photo from an exciting adventure in my past tends to brighten my day.

The entire beginning of the novel has been rewritten. Ten thousand new words!

The secondary plot has really expanded into something that I think people will enjoy. It focuses upon themes such as mother-daughter conflict, issues of self-worth (as child, parent, member of society), being a permanent foreigner in any society, and also living up to the expectations of others. This were missing in my first draft, which was reasonably good in respect to plot but which did not really engage the reader to care about the characters.

Anyway, tis gone midnight so off to bed I go. Thanks all. I really must write my next Venice post.  :)



  1. Go Greg! I’m under a mountain of work at the moment so not posting much but it’s great to see you writing again and with a positive vibe.

  2. Awesome work, Greg The morning is a very good time to write. Fresh off of sleep and dreaming, the mind is often racing with ideas. Congrats on your new opening.

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