April 2016

Changes coming - my future being planned

Consider this post a message to myself with you guys being interested parties. *** Where to now? It’s a question that I keep asking myself. My eyes are recovering well and the future beckons. But which future? A long time ago, back in the mid-1980s, my rich uncle visited Australia. He was a man who had started his career as a butcher’s boy and ended up on the Board of

Modelling a simple X-Ray machine in Blender

Hi all, as you know I am recovering from a cornea graft (transplant) as a result of Keratoconus. The pain is gone (albeit still sore from time to time, but I don’t consider that pain). My good(LOL) eye loses focus frequently (as it has done for a couple of years now). My operated-upon eye is still blurry but so much better than before the op. Nevertheless I have an obligation to meet.

Struggling back - insights of self

Hi folks, Today’s post is very introspective. Sorry.  It’s more a cathartic output for myself than a post for others. Once upon a time I leapt of a cliff into deep water. I did so to prove to myself that I can overcome fear – in this case my fear of heights. The drop happened faster than I had imagined. In fact, it was not so bad. But then I