Adobe Fuse CC does not play nicely with DAZ Studio OR is it the other way around?

Adobe Fuse CC does not play nicely with DAZ Studio OR is it the other way around?

Hi all,

Today I take a quick look at Adobe’s 3D character creation tool Fuse and how well it integrates with DAZ Studio.

Brief answer: it doesn’t.

First let me say that I am an Adobe fan. I love Photoshop and Premier and everything that can be done with them. When I saw Fuse appear in my CC app list I straight away wanted to find out what it was. Here is how the blurb reads:

Make custom 3D characters for your Photoshop projects.
The new 3D modeling app lets you quickly create unique human characters for your Adobe Photoshop CC images, designs, prototypes and more.

Count me in!!!

Thing is, I nearly always arrange my scenes in DAZ Studio for rendering. I really love DAZ Studio. It is so user friendly (at least I think so). Hence my goal was to create a marvellous rigged character in Fuse and then export it to DAZ Studio.

So I decided to create a cop, whom I named PoliceJoe.


Sorry if the picture is a little hard to see. That’s the dark background that Fuse gave me.

Anyway, I created him through a process where I got to pick a head and modify it, then picka torso and modify it and so on. Then I got to assign him clothes and picked the uniform. Having said this, the range of clothes at present is really limited.

Once happy with the model Adobe Fuse will upload it to a site called Mixamo for rigging and adding animations.


I was blown away by the ease of this so far. There were hundreds of predefined animations to add and each one was demonstrated in the small pane on the right as I clicked on it. Cool!


Now comes the part where I download it. The Mixamo website promises that the output can be used with a range of applications including anything that uses the standard fbx format. So I clicked download and got the following options:



Within half an hour I had downloaded every one of those formats. Want to see what I got when I tried to import them into DAZ Studio?

2016-05-19_23-03-36Oops! That does not look good.


Yep – DAZ Studio did not import the actual model. just the accessories and wardrobe.

I did do an internet search on the phrases “rigging limitation:bones without root skeleton” and “Rigging limitation: pre and post rotation must match in current implementation” and found numerous posts on various forums. The general consensus seemed to be “it cannot be done”. Sure, someone suggested intermediate programs or exporting a Genesis figure out of DAZ and into Fuse and so on. But no one seemed to find anything that they are happy with.

Perhaps a few bright minds reading this may have an idea. But as for me, tonight’s ;ittle experiment has been an epic fail. Perhaps I will try PoliceJoe with Adobe Photoshop another time.

Cheers all,






  1. Have you tried Collada? It’s a game of chance whether it will import properly, but worth trying.


    1. I tried the Collada format and each of the others. None worked. :(


      1. Shame =( Well, just goes to show that there’s still room for improvement in certainly aspects of DS.


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