Import 3D Fuse character into Photoshop

Import 3D Fuse character into Photoshop

Hi folks,

This is just a bit more experimentation and I thought you may want to tag along.

So in my last post I created a character in Adobe Fuse and failed to import it into DAZ Studio. However documentation suggested that I could import it into the 3D functionality of Adobe Photoshop. I looked around YouTube and found this good tutorial by Victoria Pavlov.

So I thought that I would follow the key aspects of it and see what I come up with. Note: this is more a proof of concept for myself and my abilities rather than art or anything.

Anyway, so first I saved PoliceJoe to my Adobe Library.


And from there I simply open him up in Photoshop (Window -> Libraries).


I quickly inserted into the background layer a recent photo of mine from Taronga Zoo.


Using the 3D controls I moved him to a height appropriate to everyone else in the picture, except slightly closer.




Note above that I could play with the angle that the light hit him. This is pretty much essential if inserting an object into an existing picture. I then threw a quick pose onto him. At this point it is worth noting that I could also have added an animation, but that would not have made sense in this context.


Anyway, that’s it. Just save the outcome. Yes, I could have fiddled more to make him more realistic in the setting, but that was not my aim. I guess it means that I can more easily merge pictures from different applications should I so wish.

OK – worth contemplating the possibilities and will get back to you all some time with something worthwhile.

Yes, and check out Victoria Pavlov’s channel as it has quite a few interesting videos.