Just when I think I know where I am going…

Just when I think I know where I am going...

A few days back I attended a course run by the Business Enterprise Centre in Southern Sydney. Heavily funded by the Government, the purpose of the purpose of the course was to help people like me figure out how to start up their businesses. Six hours later I walked away severely intimidated by the entire thing. This surprised me. After all, I have been in a senior management position in a large organisation for about a decade. Why be worried?

Risk. Personal risk.

Suddenly I realised that the buck well and truly stopped here. Fail at this and I could lose my house!

The second thing was that I had gone in with a clear idea of what I was offering: over three decades worth of information design and management skill. I figured that selling this in an affordable manner to small business should be a sure fire winner. The convener thought otherwise. Lots of competition out there doing the same thing.

I am different, I thought. I am better and can personalise and will care about my clients. I will listen to them. Nurture them.

But let’s face it, I will always be quite expensive if I do that and small business tends towards cheap options (rightly or wrongly).

My mate Glenn (the one who is using my graphics in Paris) thinks that I should focus on medical graphics. It really is a great idea. I just really wonder whether the demand is out there in a large enough volume to support my business. Should I just go for it anyway and do other things on the side as they arise?

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

What direction to take?

Meanwhile still writing.




  1. I’m sure your skill set will ensure you find a job. It may not be what you thought but you’ll do something you want to do. I’m looking at the same set of dilemmas but I cannot take more than another year of British teaching. I may come seeking your advice in twelve months and I’m sure you’ll be in a good place to give it to me. Good luck Greg though I don’t think you’ll need it.


    1. Thanks Dan. Actually I thought that I had come up with a novel idea today only to Google it and find that it is already out there. The idea I had was Corporate or Business Storytelling: essentially helping people to understand and communicate key “stories” within their businesses. In other words, value add on simple information and provide insights, themes, graphics etc to give true communicate true understanding and knowledge. As for being able to give you advice when the time comes, always happy to :)


  2. As far as I have heard, medical graphics is a “hot” field in “civilised countries”, especially 3D. For example, there are new organic compounds being researched all the time, and visualisation of their complex molecules is often included in publications.
    You could probably get in touch with publishing houses big or small, or a local hospital/college (wherever Australian medical researchers are found – in Russia, every university teacher is expected to be publishing scientific articles, but I don’t know if it’s the same over there), and find out what they would like to see from artists.


    1. Thanks for that idea. :) I will follow it up and if I get some positive responses I will share :)


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