Web site changes and starting again on the textbook

Web site changes and starting again on the textbook

Hello my friends,

A quick catchup.

The eyes are healing and I can spend longer each day on the computer. Hence you may notice me starting to read and like your posts again. Slowly, slowly though.

Saw the surgeon the other day and he was very pleased and we are still on track for stitches coming out in July. This has given me the confidence to work on the website in preparation for my emerging business. If you take a look around now you will find a web site aimed at small businesses and what I can do for them while also emphasising my character, wide range of interests and skills. I have put greater emphasis upon different parts of the site catering to different categories of posts, even though you guys will still get every post in my feed. I’ve also added four categories: Information, Technology, Business and Research. Genealogy now comes under Research. The other three will emphasise my professional skills once I have some posts written against those categories.

Wow – a lot of diverse readers that I am going to have to satisfy. I will have to up my writing like a multi-topic magazine!

As you know, besides my novel I am writing a textbook addressing an Australian Unit of Competency called “BSBLDR403 – Lead team effectiveness”. Well, I’ve had an epiphany and will be starting from scratch again. I realised that how I am writing it is not how I would have taught it in my teacher days. It is very wordy with not enough diagrams.  Indeed, I find myself practically preaching to students rather than getting them to use their brains. Not good.

Anyway, looking forward to working my way around to all your blogs.




  1. It is so good to hear that your eyes are healing the way they should and that you are enthusiastic about the future. Best wishes to you.

    1. Thanks Diane for your continued support :) I am really looking forward to this venture, even if I am a bit nervous. I just hope the eyes keep getting better. :) Thanks :)

  2. Hi Greg, great news indeed. just one little bit of advice from an old timer, ‘ don’t rush and over do it.’
    I know I can speak for all of your fans in wishing you all the very best for your planned new ventures.

    1. That is sage advice, my friend. I think you have me figured out. I am very likely to overdo it, as I have done so in the past with other things. I will try to pace myself. Today may be a rest day as I have a cold, albeit I am going to post a nice little thing from Facebook. :) Thanks :)

  3. Getting the students to use their brains is not easy… but all the more rewarding when it happens.

    1. Totally! :) :)

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