“Fairy and Demon” made with DAZ Studio and Photoshop

"Fairy and Demon" made with DAZ Studio and Photoshop

My twelve year old daughter is trying to write her own fantasy novel So she came to me to design some artwork for its cover.

“What do you want on the cover?” I asked.

“A fairy fighting a demon in front of Sparkle City.”

“What does the fairy look like?”

She pondered for a while. “Fairy wings, blue clothes and blond hair.”

“The demon?”

“Um… leathery wings and black clothes.”

Alas wings are not in my collection of 3D objects and I was sure that it would be easier to buy some than make them. So I popped over to the DAZ store and with Rhiannon’s help picked two wing packs that suited the need. These were:

Here is my stage setup in DAZ Studio.


The model city is Dystopia 6×6. I love these Dystopian city models. They are very useful. In this case I changed their diffuse, specular and ambient colours to a pale blue and also made their opacity 38%.

The Iray render ended up like this:


SO now it was time to do some Photoshop magic.

To cut a long story shot I did the following:

  • changed the levels to make the characters paler and therefore “pop” out
  • added a gradient layer to make the sky darker at the top
  • added two star field layers (one for the further paler stars and one for a few closer brighter ones)
  • added a lens flare (I know lens flares are not cool, but I love them anyway)

And voila!


Thanks for reading :)



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  1. Nice work Greg. You nearly made me go up the attic to get down the PC with Daz installed.


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