Becoming a Google Local Guide

Becoming a Google Local Guide

So my pal and brother-in-law Glenn Ison posted a photo on Google Maps. It was of a place in Paris. Next thing he knows he gets an email from Google saying “How would you like to be a local guide?” He goes “Yup” and then tells me all about it. So this post takes you through my look at this particular program by Google.

So I started by posting a picture of the Sydney Opera House on Google Maps using my Google account. You may recognise it as I included it in my Vivid post a week or so back.


Then I got this email:


OK. Why should I say yes? After all I would be committing myself to writing stuff and sharing photos and you all know I hate that (LOL do you really believe that I hate sharing my vast wisdom and absolute humility with the world?) Anyway, here are the sweeteners that they offer:

Get rewards for the photos that you’ve shared.
When you become a Local Guide, you earn points for your photos and other contributions to Google Maps. These points can unlock cool benefits such as
– 1 TB of Google Drive storage
– Invitations to exclusive events
– Early access to new Google products
– Local Guides badge


Cool! The 1TB Google Drive storage caused my eyes to light up. And all for me big-noting myself sharing my knowledge and experience.

So it’s done now. I’ve joined the program and started writing reviews and adding photos. Jokes aside, yep – it’s pretty cool. I’m looking forward to meeting up with other Local Guides and just seeing what kind of fun I can have.

So I say, have a go. Because I never even knew that this existed until Glenn told me.

As an aside, I am still thinking about whether this eye surgery warrants me changing careers. Despite the fact that other people seem to have marvellous success with their ops, I still find the world blurry and struggle when I use the computer too much. Maybe travel and tourism is something I should look at?







  1. Well deserved Greg. The images you have taken on your many and varied trips(expeditions) show the places you visit in an interesting and informal light. Just the way travel images should be. Your writing style compliments your images in the same way. I reckon travel journalism is the way to go. Perks galore can pop up unexpectedly too. If you can collect a Press Pass along the way many more doors and windows of opportunity open. Go for it my WordPress friend.


    1. “Press Pass” – that would be so cool :) Thanks :)


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