“Trouble in Elfland” created with DAZ Studio

"Trouble in Elfland" created with DAZ Studio

Hi all, spent much of last week writing my textbook. But on Saturday started experimenting with Collision detection and character morphing in DAZ Studio. I had no intention of actually making a publishable picture, but somehow got pulled in to doing so. Ended up taking the entire weekend, most of which was fiddling with light sources (believe it or not – my original purpose having been satisfied within the hour). Here is the entire picture:


I call it Trouble in Elfland. As per my current favoured style, lots of darkness with only elements illuminated. The design was:


The following shot gives you an idea of my set and the placements of camera and lights.


The Props used were:

  • immediately behind the seated elf is a wall with window that I created in Sweet Home 3D.
  • To the left of the scene is the Shaded Haven environment. I only really wanted it in this instance for a flourish of foliage.
  • I think that the bench is part of a standard Genesis pack.

I rendered this in Iray.

Hope that this is in some way informative.








    1. LOL. I guess its the end results that matter :)


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