Today’s image – an attempt at modelling my wife in DAZ Studio

Today's image - an attempt at modelling my wife in DAZ Studio

Spent the day working on the text-book. Should have a draft ready for my publisher in about a fortnight. This evening, after the eyes had recovered, I thought I would have a go at modelling a younger version of my wife using DAZ Studio. The feature image at the top is one of my early drafts (the face is too fat). Below is where I am at now, rendered with Iray.


Having trouble getting the face slightly thinner and the cheeks need a bit of work, but generally feeling that she is recognisable even if not perfect. :)







  1. Nice idea. Nice realisation.
    I’ve put my PC in my attic at the moment, to prevent me spending time on Daz studio and other similar software. I need to concentrate on my music and my school work at this time. Missing 3D work though!


    1. Argh! It is so difficult to do that. I find that even while on other things I make excuses to do a bit here and a bit there on DAZ.


      1. I had to store the PC away, just so I can concentrate on my final year of teaching and my music. And nothing else.


    1. I don’t think that she believes it looks like her. But it is a work in progress :)


  2. I’d delete the words,’ not perfect’ from your last sentence Greg. Just to be on the safe side.


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