Vivid – a victim of its own success?

Vivid - a victim of its own success?

Last year I wrote about the great evening I had at Vivid. Vivid is Sydney’s annual festival of lights. All around our famous harbour are vibrant and exotic light installations. Here is the link to last year’s story.

This year, however, was completely different. I don’t mean that the light installations were any less spectacular (those that I got to see). I mean that the overcrowding ruined it. Indeed, I witnessed panic attacks, people fainting and crowds jammed so tightly that for 20 minutes none of us could move down a very, very broad walkway. I was worried for children, in case any fell. The police themselves seemed concerned and the volunteers who helped manage the crowds appeared very stressed.

The result of all this was that despite spending several hours at the festival I only got to see one small part of it in the Botanical Gardens and near the Opera House. This greatly saddened me as there was so much that I missed.

I cannot help but think that the authorities did not plan Vivid’s crowd management very well. They advertised it better. The reputation had really grown. But at no point was it obvious that they had taken this into account. A real shame, because I may not go next year. And I have heard several others say the same.

Anyway, here are some photos from those parts of Vivid that I was able to reach. :)

Here are the crowds at Martin Place.


This is down by Circular Quay.

IMG_3851 IMG_3848

A tree in the Botanical Gardens


Rhiannon in front of some lights near aforesaid tree.


The next four photos are of a wonderful tunnel of lights.

IMG_3780 IMG_3779 IMG_3778 IMG_3773

Drink break!!!  My Apple Cider missed this photo. :)


Then onwards. Not sure what this was supposed to be.



Sundry other shots. Notice the Opera House peeping out in one.

IMG_3810 IMG_3806 IMG_3804

Ah – the Opera House. Nicole made sure that I took the following shot. Note it has both the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


And finally a shot of the Harbour.


By about this point we decided to flee. Sad really, because we probably saw only about 10% of the festival. Nevertheless, it was an interesting night out and hopefully the authorities will have learnt.










    1. Australia is indeed a beautiful place. :) I love the UK and Europe too. All are different. But yes, come and visit Australia some time and I can show you around Sydney :)



  1. Despite the difficulties, you have created some fabulous images. Great stuff, I’m going to try to get there next time.


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