Changing the front page of my WordPress site again

Changing the front page of my WordPress site again


Just a brief one for my regular readers.  I have changed the layout of the front page of my WordPress site.

As some of you may remember, earlier this year I examined the idea of running my own business. The idea revolved around bespoke reporting for small businesses in my region. Hence I redesigned the front page of this site to support the concept. Alas I made some small dollars and cents, but nothing that suggested a viable future. Small businesses appear too intent on coal-face type work than having someone analyse their data and design the kind of reports that will help them make good business decisions. Personally I think this is crazy, but there you go.

So I have decided to turn the front page of the site back into something that reflects my other interests.

For anyone interested, I use the free version of the Envince theme. You can find it here. I find this a fresh and easy to use theme that provides the magazine appearance that I like. It also seems very configurable and I am sure that I don’t use it as cleverly as I could.




  1. Putting a toe in the water first is wiser than just leaping in. You are spot on about small business. Many have no useable data to tell why they are successful or why they they are headed for failure.
    I wonder if there is any reasonably priced consultancy to help with market evaluation prior to starting an enterprise.
    Big business use their own people but many start ups begin with just a whim and no capital. Risky in the extreme.

    Best of luck with the new format and Happy New Year Greg.

    1. Thanks my friend (I would put a smiley here but they are so bloody big for some reason). Happy 2017 to you too.

      One thing I noticed with my trial is that many small businesses do have data, but not in an easily usable format. Many buy cheap eftpos machines that spit out data one transaction at a time or else summarise data in weird and wonderful ways. I did have answers to this but found that my potential clients simply did not have the appetite to sacrifice time for the initial investigation and cost/benefit analysis (even though I did this bit free of charge). I can understand why: they are just barely scraping by.

      One good thing for me was that at least I had some money to liver on this year while I investigated that opportunity. 2017 will be different and I must get a job.

      Thanks again.


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