Egyptian Mummies at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum #PowerhouseMuseum #EgyptianMummies

Egyptian Mummies at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum #PowerhouseMuseum #EgyptianMummies

If you are visiting Sydney at the moment then you should visit the Egyptian Mummy exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. This is especially true if you are visiting from elsewhere in Australia because this is probably the best local exhibition of Mummies that I have seen in a while. Sure, not nearly as large or impressive as the British Museum (I was only over there in 2015 looking at some of their mummies), but certainly worth the look.

The exhibit itself is made up of a number of mummies/sarcophagi from different periods in Egyptian history along with statues, jars, jewellery and so on. These are shown in a darkened environment (no doubt for the welfare of the paint) where flash photography is forbidden. I must admit that this made a number of my photos blurry, something that I could have addressed if I had taken a tripod and was not trying to keep up with the others in my party. Oh well. I also think that the sarcophagi should have been displayed standing vertically and not laid horizontally as the horizontal view was somewhat restrictive.

With three children it took about 30 minutes to look at everything, take photos and read information. The kids enjoyed it, as did the adults. So come take a look. Here are some photos from the exhibition:










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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of these incredible exhibits, even if you’re not 100% happy with the shots!


    1. My pleasure. I’m stoked that you like them :)


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