Top level project lifecycle for new x-ray machine model

Top level project lifecycle for new x-ray machine model
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Some of you may remember that around this time last year I designed a 3D model of an X-ray machine that my brother-in-law used in a presentation at an international conference in Paris. At the time I was really struggling with my eyes and I was very dissatisfied with the outcome, despite the good reception it received in Paris. So one of my projects while unemployed is to create a new, better model. I will do this in Blender and probably render it in DAZ Studio (though I am also tempted to try it in the Unreal Engine or Unity). Maybe I can sell it on TurboSquid or Renderosity? I might also explore using programming in Python or C# to add animations for different engines.

Years ago I learnt a methodology for projects (and I guess this is a project) and I have used that methodology for most of the professional projects I have managed over the years – but never in my personal life.  It’s called PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). I remembered that when I took my courses in this at the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) we had this tutor who told us how she used this methodology for everything – EVERYTHING! So I figured “why not?” and I have adapted it to this task of mine.

So here is a little diagram explaining how I will go about it. I have had to customise it a bit due to the nature of the project, but at least it will keep my mind fresh in the method for if any employer finally decides to hire me. I will try to then follow this and document my progress on the blog. Be aware though, that I will be multitasking with my writing and my programming and so on. This way I won’t go mad when I have entire days to fill, especially now as my eyes are really good (at last!)

Best wishes all.


PS: this nifty pic of my plan was made in MS PowerPoint.



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  1. Good for you Greg. Your methodology system bears some similarity to the strategic planning system I sometimes use. My system also has the vertical and horizontal componentry and is quite versatile in its application.

    1. Thanks old friend :) I must admit that I like this sort of approach. Sometimes, though, in the past they became too deep for my fellow workers and only I used them. LOL

  2. Love it. It’s really good to have those sort of structures. I use systems and processes myself in every thing of that nature. Very cool project as well! You might want to just animate in blender and just transfer and play with the animation in Unreal, or animated directly in Unreal. Unless you are doing the programming approach for your own growth and benefits, that is. Hope you keep posting updates.

    1. Thanks so much :) It will be a challenge for me, but hopefully one in which I will grow. And I really need to grow at present. I will do my best to keep everyone updated in respect to my parallel endeavours :)

    1. That looks so cool and makes a lot of sense. A shame that Blender is a Phase III.

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