Hi all,

I am still spending my days and nights applying for jobs. No luck yet, though plenty of close calls. I get the impression that I am either vastly overqualified or vastly underqualified – depending upon the job. As of today I am also re-learning programming. Some of you may be aware that I was a software engineer a long, long time ago. Unfortunately around the time that .NET came along, I moved into IT Management. I say “unfortunately” because I now find my programming skills outdated as I look for work. So learning a few current programming languages is now part of my “Finding Work Plan”.  So I have downloaded the newly released Visual Studio 2017. It looks pretty cool compared to the old IDE I used to use when I programmed in Delphi and Visual Basic 6. Which languages to learn? Perhaps C++ and Python.

I also try to put about an hour aside late at night for working on the novel. I feel that my style is improving from doing so.

Alas all this is mostly keeping me away from all my social media. Yes, ALL OF IT!!!! Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!!!!!! It’s also keeping me away from my art.

But let’s talk about a couple of good things. One is that I was invited to write a story for Robert Smith?‘s (yes – the question mark is part of his name) upcoming book on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Basically I had to write a review of an episode in a new light. I did “The Next Phase”, the episode where Ensign Ro and Geordi appear to die in a transporter accident while assisting a damaged Romulan ship. So I composed a 1000 word article. Robert’s response: “That’s really interesting! And what you have is great. I really like it.”  So when it gets published I will share the link.

Secondly I was approached by the National Gallery of Ireland to place a link on my site to their current exhibition called “Beyond Caravaggio.” Apparently they had noticed that I mention Caravaggio from time to time (but let’s face it, who doesn’t?).

And, finally, my daughter Rhiannon received an award at school for being top of art. She is currently in Year 8. I am very proud.

Anyway, that’s my news.

Hope you are all well.








  1. Congratulations to your daughter! =)
    Funny, I’m doing some Windows coding again as well. Yeah, the .NET thing seems to have changed stuff around quite a bit. But it’s nice of MS to have made their IDE available for free.


    1. Thanks Coincidence eh? What do you have in mind with the coding?


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