Ceiling mount added #Blender

Ceiling mount added   #Blender
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Wow! Today was amazing. It’s like suddenly something clicked and I found myself achieving more in less time.

The ceiling mount took me about half-an-hour. Admittedly I did spend an additional hour beforehand studying a number of videos regarding bending stuff in Blender. The reason was that I decided to try using a Bend modifier. This is different from how I formed the C-arm which is actually a curve. However I wanted to try a different technique.

After doing this I went back and modified the mount-interface so that it fit better with the ceiling mount. Once again I was amazed by how I just knew what to do. Practice enough and things start to sink in.

Anyway, here is where I am at now.


And here is the c-arm rotating a bit as per my specification.


OK. Once again the take-away from this for those of you who want to learn Blender is to practice, practice, practice and suddenly you will realise you are doing things better and faster.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Great work Greg. I was wondering how the vertical bar was going to be held in place.


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