Progress with the C-arm mount interface #Blender

Progress with the C-arm mount interface    #Blender
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Hi folks,

I have spent so much time on this little component! It’s because I’ve made several versions of the C-arm mount interface, each unsatisfactory, and then started again. And each attempt now takes me about an hour. Wow am I faster or what!

So what made me so unhappy?

Well, I guess that none of them looked elegant enough for me. Some were too boxy. Other’s did not seem to fit the rest of the C-arm design. Anyway, eventually I came up with a version that I liked. Here it is:

Anyway, hope you like it.

OK – so what is the take-away from this?

Well, I know why I am getting faster. In almost every tutorial I have seen on Blender they talk about using hot-keys (shortcut-keys). I must admit that I didn’t really want to learn these keys. I have a lousy memory and the idea of learning more hit-keys was unattractive. This said, I did start doing so. Can’t tell you why because I don’t know. Just one day recently I said “What the heck” and did so. And behold – faster. So it is true. Learn the short cut keys.

As an aside, I apologise for my site being down. I only discovered that late this afternoon. Apparently part of my WordPress database had corrupted. So I had to do some techo work. Luckily it wasn’t that hard.

Thanks again for reading.



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  1. Id really like to be able model and texture as quickly and skilfully as you. But I also think I need to sharpen up those skills I already have. It’s looking good Greg!


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