The model of the monitor is complete #Blender

The model of the monitor is complete  #Blender
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Well, didn’t this go quickly? The project is almost complete; much faster than expected.  I threw together the medical monitor today. Here it is from a couple of different angles:

As you can see it also has a ceiling mount. I have not placed any images on the monitor, but I have created a texture that would easily permit images to be added as suitable for whatever process in being undertaken on the bench.

As an aside I have decided not to make a floor mount. The ceiling mount matches most photographs that I can uncover and I suspect that this is probably the favoured manner for such devices.

Let’s return to the original process that I was following, in particular the Execute and Monitor/Control parts of the project methodology:

So I have planned each component (tick), then made them (tick), assessed my work (tick) and documented it (tick).

I do have a few things that I want to clean up. For example, the centrepoint of each component model is poorly place. I want to fix that.

Publishing the model on someplace like Turbosquid was also part of my original plan. Currently I feel uncertain. I just don’t feel that my models is sufficiently professional. I mean, take a look at their current portfolio of medical machines here. Still, I am improving and one day (if I persist) I can reach that level.

Anyway, thanks for reading.



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  1. Looking good Greg, looks like you’re pretty au fait with Blender now.


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