X-ray model design – floor and ceiling mounts

X-ray model design - floor and ceiling mounts
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Just a quickie post for design purposes in this Blender project. I’ve made very simple designs of the floor and ceiling mounts that these things have. As per the other designs, these are based upon images taken of actual machines that I have found on the internet. There does appear to be a bit of a difference. Here is the floor mount structure:

You’ll note that it is very simple. A long heavy floor mount/plate that stretches out a bit, presumably for balance purposes and so that there is plenty of space for bolting it down. But look at the ceiling mount:

It seems to have more external piping (presumably for cables) and some sort of box that the piping passes through on the way to the ceiling.

So I have a theory about this. I know that in all the old server rooms (I’m an IT bloke from way back) we used to have raised floors and run cables beneath them. Could it mean that the floor mounts are designed to have the cables go through some central interior pipe, whereas the ceiling mounts are designed to operate with a range of different situations? Just conjecture on my part.

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    1. Thanks :) I always like colourful diagrams :) At work such things were always one of my signatures :)


  1. The cables are HT cables. remember you need 60 to 120,000 Ev to create x -rays in the diagnostic range. so thick insulated cables through C -arm to tube.


    1. Thanks :) I thought it was you even before I read your email address :) As you can see I am progressing. :)


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