Initial thoughts on a 3D Art Nouveau setting to be made in Blender

Initial thoughts on a 3D Art Nouveau setting to be made in Blender
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Just a short post.

I did my initial brain dump of design specifications in PowerPoint. These are fairly simple.

Here is a link to a Google image search on Art Nouveau. What do you see? Curved lines and natural shapes. So I had a go at using PowerPoint to create some basic outlines of wall shapes.

This said, they feel more Art Deco (i.e. more geometric that natural in form). So I need to rethink these designs. Part of me is almost tempted to just jump in using these basic concepts and see whether I can make them more natural once I am actually crafting them.


Thanks for reading.


PS: the header picture of the ballerina has nothing to do with this post. I just didn’t have a suitable header and that’s an old picture I painted for Nicole when I was 23. Thought it looked pretty. :)



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  1. I like the ballerina picture (the colour selection is an inspiring one) and I like to see illustrations that aren’t related to posts as part of posts. Personally, I’d go with the Architecture especially the Charles Rennie Mackintosh though that may be the most obvious route and you may well wish to stay away from it. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how this work develops. Thanks for posting.


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