Next modeling project – a setting #Blender

Next modeling project - a setting #Blender
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Hi folks,

Just a short one today.

I’ve been pondering my next Blender graphics project for a week or so. I’ve decided upon a set. By this I mean a digital space for me to pose characters and make 3D images – much like a film set. I want a feature of the space to be ornamental doors and windows, probably in a style like Art Deco or Art Nouveau. This can be a setting for some of the scenes in my novel, either in the plush apartments of the Azar family or in the Babel Saloon. So I am not creating any furniture, just the space.

My next post in this series will have a formal specification etc drawn up.

NOTE: the photo in the header to this post is the lobby of the Berida Hotel in Bowral in New South Wales, less than two hours south of Sydney. We’ve visited it a fair bit and as it has an early 20th century feel to it, I thought I would make it the header until I have managed to come up with a design. Certainly I would recommend anyone to stay there.  No, I am not getting a kick back, I just really love the place and want to share it with you.

And talking of things that I want to share, if you enjoy digital art then please take a look at Serengeti Archer by one of my regular visitors. It really appeals to me and shows what is possible using DAZ Studio and just a few available assets.

Thanks for reading.




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  1. Thanks for the link check. I’m looking forward to this next project of yours. I know that I’ll have the opportunity to learn much about Blender as you work through it. Cheers Greg.


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