Apple and oat muffins

Apple and oat muffins

You may recall my post about baking Nutella Muffins and overcoming mental blocks. You may also recall that I gave myself the creative task earlier this week of trying to learn a new muffin recipe. Well, I did… kind of.

You see, I have a lot of apples. We tend to buy big bags of them because they are cheap and tasty. Nicole and I also like porridge. So the idea occurred to me”Hey, why not apple and oat muffins?”.

So I hopped onto Google and Youtube and investigated apple and oat muffin recipes. That’s when I noticed that muffins are more or less the same, except where the flavoring is concerned. This is probably obvious to all of you out there, but I do tend to miss the obvious. So a new muffin recipe is essentially the old one slightly modified.

So I diced up a couple of apples, got myself a cup of pressed oats from the porridge box, and added these into the mix I used last time. One thing: I used 3 teaspoons of vanilla essence instead of the recommended one – makes it yummier. The result was brilliant. I was actually quite fascinated by the fact that the oats completely vanish in the final product and that the apples are no longer little cubes but more like a vein of stewed apple.

Anyway, I now feel confident where muffins are concerned and believe that I can conquer any muffin challenge.

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  1. It’s apple season in our hemisphere so this is pretty timely. Annoyingly iPhone spell correct doesn’t want to let me type apple with a lower case a.

    1. LOL. That’s Apple for you :) Yep – cooking with apples is lovely, so take advantage of the season :)

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