Goals – week ending 27 October 2017

Goals - week ending 27 October 2017

Here are my creative goals for this week:

  • Put in place a design document for an art-nouveau doorway model.
  • Finish the first draft of Night Terrors, my latest short story.
  • Singing practice with my mate Jon (Thursday)
  • Try one new muffin recipe (I’m thinking apple and oatmeal)

In respect of the singing practice, I’m really trying to think of where I want to go with that. Back in 1988, I spent a brief time in a band as a bass player. In the 80s I also spent 4 years singing in an amateur theatre company. Then last year I spent six months with Jon singing once a week in a nursing home – entertaining old folks. I’ve also sung a few time’s at my daughter’s concerts.  It’s something I really enjoy. The idea of creating a band appeals t me. I envision a band made up of people in their 50s and 60s who, like myself, just want to have fun. However, I see this as more of a long-term goal. Just singing from time to time is a good beginning. Knowing that some of you out there play and perform, it’s a shame so many of you are on the other side of the world from me as I would love to have a jam session with you – albeit I know we all have different tastes. :)

Thanks for reading.


Note: this week’s header is some mushrooms I designed a few years back in Sculptris.




  1. Those mushrooms are cute =)
    I’m not much for jamming, but if you ever get into songwriting, I’ll be willing to try and collaborate on something weird =D Technology really makes it happen these days.


    1. Given my nature, who knows – songwriting may happen in a decade or so :)


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