Submitted a short story to Tribe Media’s Thief @TribeZine

Submitted a short story to Tribe Media's Thief  @TribeZine

Now that I am back to being creative, my first endeavour has been to attempt a short story for Thief. They have made a call for submissions that I would encourage any other authors to contemplate:


The theme is horror. The word limit is 1,000. So I’ve given it a go. May not make it in, but who knows? It was fun flexing the literary muscles again.

In this short story, I found myself in the head of a grizzled middle-aged man who suddenly finds himself in a very scary situation where he should feel safe. Some of this came from personal experience and I felt that there was value in this. I cannot really tell you what the personal experience is without spoiling the story (should any of you read it) but it is something that many blokes over 50 may appreciate. I found myself thinking more and more about ordinary situations and how to flip them into something freakish. I am certain that Stephen King somewhere urges fledgling writers to do just this.

Once again I felt the characters taking control.  I found myself expressing the protagonist’s thoughts with a vulgarity and degree of swearing that well exceeds my own. But it felt right. I reckon that anyone who knows me may be surprised, but I guess that is the author’s burden.

If the story gets into Thief I will let you all know.





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