The Museum in the Doge’s Palace, Venice #TrafalgarTours

The Museum in the Doge's Palace, Venice  #TrafalgarTours
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The Museum in the Doge’s Palace (itself a living museum!) is a tribute to the history of this city. It is not a massive museum, compared to the likes of the British Museum, but comparable to that you would find in many a castle in Europe. As you can tell from the following photos that I took, I was mostly enamored by the weaponry on display.

The museum was the last thing we saw in the Doge’s Palace. There was actually a jail viewing included in the Palace tickets. This jail had held many a famous person including Casanova. Unfortunately, the one negative aspect of belonging to a tour group impacted us – time constraints. Our free time before rejoining the group was now coming to an end and we had to return to meet the others and catch a boat back to our hotel.

As an aside, Trafalgar’s hotel in Venice was the Il Burchiello. This is on the mainland and is one of those older styled places. The three of us enjoyed the place, even if we could only get wifi reception by sitting in lounges near the laundry. You may laugh at this, but after touring all day the need to share experiences with friends and family becomes strangely compelling. So there the three of us were, sitting by the laundry updating our Facebook and Instagram.

All in all, Trafalgar had provided us with a wonderful couple days in Venice and I was watching my daughter, Rhiannon, really blossom amidst all this history and culture. Next, we were off to Rome.

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