Completely reworking Textures and normal map on door #Blender

Completely reworking Textures and normal map on door  #Blender
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NOTE: a bit of a technical one today.

So now I had a proof of concept design and had commenced a bit of trial work on it. Thing is, I always believe in self-critique. I sat down and looked at what I had done so far and whether it was correct. I noticed a few things, listed in the diagram below:

I also decided that I wanted the bottom of the wall to be rendered with cement.

To achieve these things, I opened the extracted texture in Photoshop and began to manually paint it. I made a single brick column and added a brick arch pattern. The reason I hand painted these was to give them the sense of imperfection that goes with reality. I also added the cement render.

I painted it upside down because that is how the skin unwrapped.

I then used Photoshop to create a Normal Map and a Specularity Map. All looked good. So I thought that I would add them to the file with the entire group of objects instead of just the outer wall. This made me want to change the textures on the door and window frames. Admittedly, these latter will get a whole lot more work later.

So here is the result to date, with more work pending on doors and windows.

Yep – I do intend at the end to do a render without fireflies. LOL.

For those interested, my material nodes were:



Door and frames (so far):

Thanks for reading :)


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  1. I love the attention to detail you give to your projects. It’s fascinating watching this develop.


    1. Thanks :) I tend to believe that it’s poor attention to details that can wreck a creative work. :)


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