Progress on #Blender door as at 5 Nov 2017

Progress on #Blender door as at 5 Nov 2017
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Due to illness, I have not achieved as much as I had hoped.

Also note, this post talks a bit about technical 3D modeling issues, but I have tried to make it accessible to my non-technical readers who may be interested in starting to model.

The first thing that I have done is set the pivot point on each object within my model. This is not something that I have done in previous models but, as I learn this craft, I realise the value in doing so. The pivot point (the origin) is the point on the screen that the object rotates about. Sometimes different objects must spin around different points. The door, for example, pivots in relation to one side of the doorframe. Below is a picture of my outer wall pivoting in relation to a top left point. It makes more sense for the pivot point to be central.


For future reference, to change the pivot point in Blender to the center of an object, simply select that object in Object mode and then Ctrl+Alt+Shift + C → Origin to Center of Mass (Volume)

After I did this, I then UV Unwrapped each object. For the non-modellers, this is basically peeling the skin off an object so that it can be painted and stuck back on. Here is my folder of “skins” for this project:

If I were to open up one of these in Photoshop, it would look as you would imagine. So here is the actual door “skin”.

So at some point, I will start painting on these.

UV-Unwrapping of simple objects like this is very easy. I simply select the object and U → Smart UV Project.

If any reader decides to get into modeling, then note that the more complex objects require a more complex approach.

Anyway, this is where I am now. Tomorrow I start a new job, so it may be several days before my next update.

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  1. Ah, finally got to the blog where comments are not closed. I think it must be a factor of time zones that I rarely see your posts. The same thing for my other Aus blogging friend. This weekend I am on Mountain Time, in Arizona so both of you popped up close to the top of the list. I had wanted to say – yes – lists!!! If it doesn’t get on a list, the chances are high I will forget to do it. I was also talking to Doug in the last couple of days about things not getting done and the failure of his list habit.
    So, haven’t gotten to the top of your list yet, hoping to hear the job is going well, wow, what timing with Nicole being out right then. Ugh. One door closes…. maybe you should design an open window to go with that door. I really***** like that door, I want one. But I might have to buy a new house to go with it.
    One last thing, I did take note of what you said that my blog could be organized into sections. Perhaps if that got on a list somewhere….. Perhaps if I had a clue where to start with it beyond categories and tags, which I already use…..


    1. Thanks for persistently seeking a post to comment upon :)

      I have an annoying problem at present that I mostly tend to use the PC at the weekend. This is annoying because my android WordPress app has problems responding to some comments on my blog, as well as posting likes and comments on some (not all) blogs.

      Lists = good :)

      Glad you like the door. I’ll think about another open window.

      As to your site, I’ll have to find a bit of time and sit down an analyse potential sections. :) Thing is, I use category tags and then use my menus and sections to organise the stories. So people can find my stories through different paths :)

      Thanks :)


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